Seungri Files Successful Appeal of Drug Sentence and Gets it Cut in Half Down to One and Half Years

If there is one fallen celeb I want to yeet himself right off the celeb stage it would be Big Bang‘s Seungri. Alas while he may never have a famous career again I can see him returning to all the dirty money he made over years and continuing to make more dough behind the scenes in private endeavors, so that’s why I feel like imprisonment longer is the only just punishment for him for all those drug, gambling, bribery, and prostitution crimes. He’s been serving his three year sentence in a military prison as his trial was conducted in a military court after he quickly enlisted to avoid a civilian trial. He filed an appeal of his sentence and this week a military appeal court cut his sentence down to one and a half years due to his shown of repentance and remorse. This means with the 5 months served he will be out in another year. Blergh, just such a waste of a life lived.


Seungri Files Successful Appeal of Drug Sentence and Gets it Cut in Half Down to One and Half Years — 9 Comments

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  2. This is unbelievable. He should be serving serious time in prison. I guess all a person has to do is say “Sorry I did that. I won’t do it again.” Korea has some real issues on how they view sex crimes and crime in general. I believe there were some famous people involved and he was just one of the fall guys. But he is actually guilty. So he also needs to go to jail for a very long time. People should know you can not do what he and his buddies did and not face serious consequences. This is such a farce.

  3. Calling him garbage is an insult to garbage tbh, he’s a waste of oxygen and I would not be sorry if he got yeeted off this planet. (Is this a hate comment? Yeah. I stand by it, he’s an organised criminal who isn’t even getting punished to the extent that he deserves so hate is obviously nothing to him, that rhinoceros hide level of thick skin that he has probably won’t even register it).

    A pox on the legal system that allows him and people like him to get off so lightly by just saying “we’re sorry, we won’t do it again”. The only people who deserve compassion here are his victims.

  4. So all that time he denied it and made stupid excuses and all it takes is saying “Sorry, I did it” and the court says he’s showing repentance and cuts his sentence in half. Why is the legal system so fucked up. If Jung Joon Young and those guys admit to gang raping women will they cut their sentences too.

  5. He’s like a member of a crime organisation with the amount of shielding he’s getting through out his trial, idc what he gonna do after his release but better don’t come back into the ent industry

  6. Eu acho que isso não é um crime assim tão grave, drogas prostituição casinos são coisas normais vocês pessoas apontam o dedo a ele por isso mas esquecem que a crimes piores e ninguém crítica como estão a fazer a ele, ele não matou nem violou nem maltratou ninguém, ele está a levar com as acusações todas e toda a gente se esquece que ele não tava sozinho nisso a mais pessoas envolvidas e ninguém crítica nem aponta o dedo, vocês deviam de pensar no que chamam de justiça porque se a vossa justiça é essa então os verdadeiros bandidos vão andar soltos e ninguém fará nada, vocês deviam meter a mão na consciência por o que estão a fazer, eu acho bem que a sentença diminuiu e por mim ele nem seria julgado como lhe estão a fazer, espero que quem o crítica que pense duas vezes e espero que quando ele voltar que ele não deixe a música porque ele é sincero sobre si mesmo ele não finge ser outra pessoa como os outros ídolos, sou fã do seungri e estarei sempre a apoia-lo como vou estar a apoiar o grupo em si mas quem é fã dos bigbang deviam de acreditar em todos e não só em uns porque a quem use drogas e tudo e ninguém diz nada nem aponta o dedo mas agora que envolve o casino e prostituição meu deus é dinheiro sujo devia de ser preso e perder tudo devia de acontecer isto e aquilo por amor de Deus quem o crítica devia de pensar duas vezes no que realmente é grave e que vale uma punição agora isto meu deus vocês não sabem o que é justiça nem o que vale mesmo a pena ser punido.

  7. To be honest, he is just a small shrimp in this whole business… He is likely paid to keep quiet and go to jail for a small amount of time. He knows too much and the real ringleaders will protect him as he protects them. What a Dirty Politics…

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