Yoona and Lee Jong Seok Kick Off Promos for Upcoming K-drama Big Mouth with Elle Korea March 2022 Pictorial Featuring Big-ly Weird Looks

There is so much WTF going on here with the clothing items Elle Korea draped over Yoona and Lee Jong Seok, and it’s to their credit that they pull it off with style. There are seams showing, weird cropping, and tonal and fabric mismatches, of course it’s all “intentional” but goodness it’s like they found items from a Goodwill bin and gave it to the designers on Project Runway telling them to mix and match to craft a haute couture look. At least this two cuties appear to roll with the punches and Lee Jong Seok especially showcases his model roots in the insouciance which helps turn the camera from laughing at his outfits to internally laughing with him at having to wear it. On a side note, I’m soooooo excited for Big Mouth and seeing them on promos means it’s coming soon yayayay!


Yoona and Lee Jong Seok Kick Off Promos for Upcoming K-drama Big Mouth with Elle Korea March 2022 Pictorial Featuring Big-ly Weird Looks — 20 Comments

  1. Not sure about Lee Jongsuk’s outfits but Yoona’s outfits are straight from the Miu Miu spring 2022 collection (she is Miu Miu ambassador) and yes, it’s originally has loose seams and all lol.

    • Still terrible. I won’t say more because I bet it’s some overworked interns that came up with this look and didn’t get credited as usual.

  2. Is it just me or does Yoona in the second picture (white background), look VERY Japanese?

    About a few years back, I saw a magazine photoshoot of hers and I could swear she looked 100% Chinese.

    She has that generic (but pretty/cute) face that somehow makes her look Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Perhaps it’s the different makeup styles? I don’t know but I’m pretty good at telling the difference between all three. She would confuse me if I didn’t know who she was.

    Not a fan of their clothes either ? at least their faces look pretty & handsome.

    Apparently Big Mouth is set to air in the first half so there’s not long left.

    • She has a generic face basically nails it. Not saying she isn’t pretty but I bet there are at least a 100 other non celeb pretty women who look exactly like her. Why they call her Aphrodite is a mystery to me? I would understand if Sulli had that nickname or even SSK but Yoona is the most generic pretty. Even Taeyeon, Tiffany or Jessica have prettier visuals than her in SNSD.

      • I used to think the same, but there’s a charm to her that I only realized after watching her in Prime Minister and I. I’ve read that she’s breathtakingly beautiful in person. As in many stylists, models, actors and idols have said so, there’s even that yearly survey where they ask the 100 top K-idols whose the best looking female/male idol, and she tops it almost every year, except in the years she isn’t as active as an idol where she’s usually still in the top 5. I remember reading it sometime last year. That was when I realised her hype.

        Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and all, but she must be next level beautiful for all these beautiful celebrities to say that. I believe it because I look 1000000x better in person than in pictures or videos loool she must be the same

      • I agree there is a charm to her that seems to increase as she gets older too. In the early SNSD days, i thought it was weird how Yoona was the beauty. Like I got the approachable girl-next-door vibe, but not the knockout beauty vibe.

        There are some people who look a lot better in person than in pictures or video. Maybe her natural expressions really shine through in person.

      • @DSA Wouldn’t it be true for everyone? Even the celebs who look gorgeous on camera must be even prettier in real life so I do agree with the assessment that Yoona doesn’t have the Goddess beauty that South Kor always pegs her as. Suzy I understand Yoona is definitely overrated for her looks. Apart from the over hype she is still charming and funny.

  3. I don’t know, she’s so bland to me. I get that these pictures are heavily edited but she literally has one (blank) expression on her face in every picture. It’s the same for her dramas/movies. I also understand that she relies on her star power to get cast but for the amount of projects she took part in we should be seeing at least some improvement. I’m not ok with her getting lead roles all the time when she’s not a good actress. And an argument like ‘she’s a hard worker, she’s giving her all!’ is really pointless here.

    • I don’t get her beauty either. She looks too plain and boring, there is no feature of hers that stands out. She is not even sexy.

    • I dunno man. Yoona has been racking up Blue Dragon Best Actress nominations and I can’t tell if it’s because she’s actually good or BA ran out of ppl to nominate.

    • I don’t get her hype or beauty either. Never have. Glad those days of people overrating her looks are over. She’s bland and boring, doesn’t stand out in her acting projects either, just not a good actress. I think she’s just given lead roles cos of the clout of SNSD and that will bring in fans.

      She has that sort of charm and personality that I feel would suit the variety route alot better.

  4. I’m an artist and sometimes the color schemes of some fashion lines seriously hurt my eyes. LJS’s isn’t clashy; honestly after all the strange fashions I’ve seen, this one looks totally normal. I have no words for Yoona’s outfit except to say that I’m never going to buy anything from Miu Miu. Just…no.

    The drama, though–I’m totally looking forward to that!

  5. I always have problem with Korean magazine pictorial. They always manage to make attractive celebrities to look plain or silly. And the colors are usually in yellow hue that looks Readers Digest.

  6. She is more flat than my wall. Eat something. Plus she is public figure. And selling product as model. Hanger will be judged

  7. Super ugly outfits. Lee Jong Suk is indeed a model… he pulls it off.
    I also can ignore Yoona’s atrocious styling because of her beautiful face

  8. Ohhh, i love Yoona not because of her beauty but because she has the good personality who she shown in Hyori BandB and she is a cery skillful person, not mentioning a good cook. Good luck to their drama ‘Big Mouth’

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