A Business Proposal Keeps Increasing in Ratings to 8.1% in Episode 3 as the Storyline Maintains the Sweet Comedic Touch

Well lookee here, the worst dramas turned out to be the best drama, and this is now Dali and the Cocky Prince part deux in terms of low expectations and unexpectedly awesome product. Last week’s premiere of A Business Proposal on SBS was a breath of fresh air, a true rom-com with all the cute quirks that played up a winky self-awareness of playing in the plot kiddie pool but finding nothing wrong with that. The ratings started at 4.9% then went up to 6.5% and now today’s episode 3 went up further to 8.1%. That’s an incredible achievement for a webtoon adapted frothy romance and I’m chalking it up to Kim Se Jung‘s gonzo energetic female lead and Seol In Ah‘s warm and spirited second female lead, their friendship remains the highlight of this drama but the two parallel romances with both males leads are developing nicely as well. Episode 3 delivered plenty of LOL moments like the first two episodes and Ahn Hyo Seob is slowly easing into the character, he’s actually not bad here but I’m probably giving him more credit for his visuals (tall and handsome) than the actual acting performance.


A Business Proposal Keeps Increasing in Ratings to 8.1% in Episode 3 as the Storyline Maintains the Sweet Comedic Touch — 33 Comments

  1. I think people underestimate how hard it is to do rom/com well. I’m enjoying this one and I don’t have an issue with the performances thus far. The dude is playing a pretty standard tsundere ceo type character with a few quirks. Are there others who could have done it better, probably but he’s fine.

    • Rom/com is so much harder than saeguk which is why you see even mediocre actors like Jin Se Young nail their sageuk roles and flop in everything else. His last drama was nonsense still he managed to come out on top of the buzzworthy ranks every single time because he clearly stood out and was the main focus of the story. This time Se Jung is coming out on top because she is clearly the main focus but their chemistry and comic timing is brilliant. Its always harder to make people laugh.

      • I’m not sure if it’s so much harder. I feel like they’re equally hard, but I also feel you can at least train for sageuk. Rom-com requires a more natural knack for the rhythm and comedic timing and navigating the absurd and also being able to turn it around to be serious when things get serious. You’re right that people underestimate the rom-com.

      • @prettyautumn – agreed, they are both difficult in different ways, though awards bodies often underestimate how hard comedy is to get right.

        Sageuk requires technical skill and often combined with a kind of gravitas, those are difficult for even otherwise skilled actors to pull off which is why people go nuts whenever a new actor emerges who can do it (eg Junho and Lee Se Young), good comedy requires the gift of timing and line delivery. Sometimes a good writer can make decent comic fodder out of an otherwise mediocre actor by just making the dialogue really funny, but that’s not what’s happening with Kim Se Jung, she ends up elevating what in the hands of a lesser or not as comedy-skilled actress, could have been another meh SBS drama.

  2. AHS is kinda disapointing but the 2 girls are fire!

    The episode 3 was weaker than the second for me.

    It’s a good idea to have only 12 episodes for this kind of story.

  3. The CHEMISTRY is amazing! KSJ+AHS are too good together! I’m glad he finally found a female lead he can have fun with! His acting is a huge improvement over his last dramas even Dr Romantic 2 where he was pretty decent! The cast is a perfect fit for each other and cuteness factor is chef’s kiss!

  4. Seriously in love with Hari and Taemu. I don’t know if its the Kim Sejong magic because he had zero chemistry in last drama but this time he sparkles but of course the show stealer is Kim Sejong who nails the dual characters. The mid to late 90s finally have their romcom queen. I’m even loving their bts scenes because the two are adorable together almost as if he was crushing on her in real life. I’m glad both Sejong and Jo Boa ended up picking dramas that show off their range.

    • This supposed low budget drama became my favourite drama right now. Like I like it heaps more than 2521 and FLAW (which is starting to go meh on me. Hugely contributed by the end of my appreciation for Song Kangs repetitive wide eye acting and marbles in mouth diction and introduction of the low life dad). ABP is simply slapstick and funny. 1 hour feels like 10 minutes kinda drama. Sejeong’s acting is really amazing … i went from laughing like a banshee with grandpa and his animal mask to bawling my eyes out at the bus-stop with Hari. Yes – the chemistry is holding up well too… for someone extremely adverse to ahn hyo seop since Romantic Dr Kim 2… I actually like him here?

      • I’m with you both on this. Its making me look forward to Mondays which never happens not even for my bias. I agree with the magic of finding the right female lead for AHS because him and KSJ are killing it with their chemistry which is heaps better than anything I’ve seen from him before. Not even with LSK did he have this kind of magical chemistry. Me too KSJ had me bawling in the bus stop scene which I wasn’t expecting because I was laughing so hard at everything else. This girl deserves her top excellence award and am so glad to see her being properly appreciated this time.

      • LOL You sound so bitter “overhyped” my ass ?
        Come back when your KSJ has many acting awards like KSH and KYJ and a prestigious Baeksang Best Actress nomination like KSH ?
        You’re so jealous that KSH and KYJ are acclaimed actresses and the beauty queens of their generation to boot, with way bigger fanbases than your fave who’s only good at comedy ?
        Even Seol In Ah the second FL is more beautiful and more talented than your KSJ
        Stay press*d b**tch ?

  5. Don’t need to analyze it too much. This is classic entertainment fantasy. I don’t know why anyone is complaining.

    • Yeah it’s like a well made ice cream sundae – is it anything new? No. Can it be better/does it have flaws? Yes. Is it feel-good and fun to watch? Bigger yes.

      I agree with the assessment that it’s really being carried by Kim Se Jung with help from Seol In Ah and Lee Deok Hwa. And the male lead is noticeably stiff and not a good actor. But it’s still a fun light-hearted watch and makes 1 hour long episodes feel like half that.

      • AHS is lucky to work with FL who are charismatic and help hide his flaws. I remember I found all his scenes in my father is strange fun but that was cause of ryu hwa young

  6. I love the grandpa and his obsession with tv dramas. The scenes of the drama ML taking her to a discount clothing store and buying ugly tshirts had me in stitches.

    I love KSJ and she has the same kinda e Getty here as School 2017

    • To see Lee Deok Hwa going from The Red Sleeve to this… I love him as cranky grandpa to the hero in both dramas, as VERY different characters lol.

      • Hes a scene stealer in suspicious partner aswell his bickering scenes with the FL was so funny.

  7. Seol in ah is killing this!!!! Her chemistry with Kim min Kyuis better than the main OTP. I hope she will be chosen a female lead for her next project cauz she deserves than some overhyped newbies. Btw, Kim Se jung is on fire as well.

  8. Sorry, but Ahn Hye Seop doesn’t have even a little chemistry with KSJ. He had best chemistry with LSK, Idk how, but here comic timing and second leads are saving the show. The drama itself is very clichè, and female lead is hella annoying. Seol in ah should be the female lead.Watched till 3rd ep and turned off. Military Prosecutor is far better than this childish rom-com. Jo bo ah chose right decision.

    • Lol ok.. relax much!!

      U sound so bitter…the drama is hella entertaining and leads have great chemistry. It’s getting better by the episode.

    • Im the opposite. AHS was the biggest reason I refuse to rewatch romantic dr kim 2 where I actually rewatched the first season numerous times. Not only his acting in that role but his chemistry with LSK I find a huge turn off. When their kissing scene happened, I quickly FF cos it was really cringe for me. Different strokes for different folks. Here little nuances like his blinking and a small squeeze he gv her arm during that “kiss”, theres a quiet intimacy to it. Also episode by episode you can actually feel their chemistry improving just like the characters getting to know each other. Ahhhh… this romcom is geading to rewatch like crazy zone for me. I haven’t quite felt this way since weightlifting fairy KBJ.

  9. I just watched the first episode last night, and I really enjoyed it! It’s kind of ridiculous, but the show knows that and isn’t taking themselves seriously. I really like the female leads and their friendship. I’m not completely sold on Ahn Hyoseop’s Taemu. He’s so boring and uncharming as the cold arrogant CEO. Before AHS fans attack me, I really liked him in Still 17 and Romantic Doctor Kim. I just don’t think he’s doing the role justice for me personally.

    • I am not seeing the romantic chemistry or any kind of sparkle from him either. Her friend Min Woo is more appealing.

      Part of it may be how the character is written, but then I think of other show’s cold CEOs who were better at showing the attraction or physical comedy. He seems better and more comfortable in young man/puppy love roles. Not a commanding presence.

      • Neurotic Hyun Bin who was arrogant and nitpicking was a cold chaebol. HB even though he was young in MNIKSS was commanding.

        The male lead is the weakest link here. However the other 3 and grandpa are acting solidly.

        I don’t mind the directing and OTT scenes. I’ve read some of the episodes of the manhwa. The vibe is the same.

        On that basis this rom com vibe suits me at this time.

        I don’t know what would actually happen when he confesses. I mean I know the director will give us some kissing but whether it will be chemistry- laden or not is a different issue altogether.

        Currently he sprouts the correct commanding, arrogant lines but it doesn’t convincing. There’s some teeny tiny on- screen couple sizzle so it keeps fizzling out in under 5 sec. So we will see. There is zero tension between them. She is oblivious to him. Min Woo emoted more with her in the dinner scene than the CEO talking to her during the anniversary dinner.

        Don’t get me wrong I am addicted to this drama. Its my favourite all week. It’s just that I am not going squeal over the OTP. I am enjoying Shin Ha-ri a lot as a character.

  10. My hub and I are loving this drama atm. He can’t wait for it to be on each week. Loving KSJ and 2nd FL. They MLs are okay to us. We’re so blessed to have so many rom-coms on Netflix this year. Will watch FLAW and 2521 next. We don’t have any other streaming apps.

  11. I’m like it more than 2521 for now. The male lead’s acting is meh with no charisma but the 2 female leads are awesome and they are the reason why this drama works.

  12. I am so surprised why koala hasn’t spoken about Military Prosecutor Doberman which is hitting 8.0% in its 4th episode. 2521 has star studded cast and A-listers but in MPD there aren’t any A-listers or super trendy actresses like Han So Hee or Kim Se Jung. But it almost catch up with Business Proposal which is aired in public channel. I guess for cable channel and mon-tue time slot it will hit the jackpot. Can’t wait to see this.

  13. Kinda reminds of Pushing Daisies. ABP is a fun watch because of editing and direction and over-the-top acting. The storyline is simple, it’s the execution that makes people tune in. I’ll continue watching, it’s a light watch, don’t have to think too much or pay attention to what’s happening lol.

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