Suzy in Talks for Netflix K-drama The Girl Downstairs Adapted from Popular Webtoon About an Idol and a College Student Romance

Is Suzy just playing herself here, heh! If so then there is plenty to look forward to for sure. Suzy is in talks for the Netflix drama The Girl Downstairs, which is adapted from a popular Naver webtoon titled Lee Du Na. The titular Lee Du Na is the center spot of an idol group who suddenly retires and started attending university. She moves into a shared house with that the male lead, a college student, lives in. She’s described as beautiful and charismatic with a unique personality and the male lead is a first year engineering student. The rest of the cast rounds out with other students around them and the webtoon writer mentioned that she’s into Choi Woo Shik lately so it’s unclear if that’s the male lead image she’s going for. The drama will be directed by the PD of Crash Landing on You and Romance is a Bonus Book.


Suzy in Talks for Netflix K-drama The Girl Downstairs Adapted from Popular Webtoon About an Idol and a College Student Romance — 11 Comments

  1. Oh noo, its one of my fave webtoon of all time except for the latest season 3, and idk whether Suzy fits the Duna image. Heck I cant even think anyone that fits the image. The same goes for Wonjun (the ML). The ML is not a loser type, he is kind and the cute/good looking, decent type of guy who effortlessly make people gather around him, and Duna is the loner, socially awkward beauty, since she debuted in a very young age and doesnt know much about normal life, and both are drawn to each other. The courting and their relationship in season 1-2 is very cute tho, so I hope the adaptation is equally good…altho I prefer anime. Ah I’m so torn with this news.

  2. Suzy’s project are almost always very interesting but I still cannot like the way she (tries) to act and, for me, she cannot build chemistry, although she’s been shipped with every male lead she has acted with.

  3. So,suzy.She is not the only idol actress out there and I think there is plenty other actresses that they can choose from. Duna is unique,had a little of a wild side but lots of depth,so only a very good actress will do the character justice.Moon Ga Young will be perfect,but she had the other drama with yeo jin goo.For male lead,I know Choi Woo Shik can sell this character like a champ,but I also would like him to try other characters (his last 2 dramas as lead had this type of character already).I just hope they cast actors that can deliver.

  4. Isn’t this webtoon one of those ecchi harem types? I only read the first few chapters and couldn’t enjoy it because of that and not sure how it would transfer to a drama.

    • No it isnt. Sure there are adult elements but it is subtle and altho many girls are into the ML, he chose the FML (for season 1-2).

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