Deng Lun Fully Scrubbed from C-ent within 24 Hours of Tax Evasion News and Loses All 15 Brand Endorsements

The hammer falling on C-actor Deng Lun (Allen Deng) for his tax evasion isn’t just complete it’s swift so basically completed within 24-hours. His Weibo account is removed, his Douyin account the same, and his name is gone from all the dramas he starred in which are officially streaming online including his biggest hit Ashes of Time and also his upcoming drama Night Wanderer. I feel like I’ve seen this show before, and the most recent participants were in most recent order: Zhang Zhe Han, Wu Yi Fan (Kris Wu), and Zheng Shuang. In addition to basically “evaporating” within C-ent presence, he lost 15 endorsements in the span of the 24-hours with one that just announced him as the new spokesmodel not one day earlier. C-ent is saying that he’s done DONE, like no possibility for comeback. He’s got liuliang popularity but apparently hasn’t left a strong and positive string of good impressions behind him within the industry insiders. Also this tax evasion was super bad – his team was informed that the government was questioning his taxes, and urged to rectify the filing. When he did not do so, then the government proceed to open a formal investigation, found the under reporting, and then went public with it. So had he fixed it when it was just an informal matter with the tax authorities he may have come out of this unscathed.


Deng Lun Fully Scrubbed from C-ent within 24 Hours of Tax Evasion News and Loses All 15 Brand Endorsements — 26 Comments

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  2. When zhang zhe han, kris wu and zheng shuang’s scandals happened, in my mind I was like ughh what to do if this one happens to Deng Lun, since he’s my C-favorite actor. Then I dismissed my worries, unfortunately my nightmare came true. Dude, whyyy??

  3. Omg, so the team was informed already but they just refused it, WHY???!!! It is just money, these riches can still be gained all through the years of his hard works, even if he paid more for his taxes, he would still have the ROI because he would be loved by people and blessings would pour in thry endorsements and dramas and movies BUT this happened, so he totally ENDED his careeer. I am so disappointed with Deng Lun and especially his team because they are specialist that should know better or the best for their artist. These celebrities they should know better, that paying taxes with all honesty will give them leverage in their careers in the entertainment industry. Haissstttt! ???

  4. So sad on this because I like him as an actor and he has this goofy personality in variety shows that was endearing.
    Honestly I don’t believe all the news about him being totally negligent as there are counter reports of him addressing the issues but still got outed anyway.
    I think it’s a matter of the hammer coming his way no matter what and who’s know what happened behind the scenes. Or maybe it’s just really his team got blinded by money
    It’s such a bummer as he was one of those male lead who could actually act.

    • A lot of them with tons of videos of bad behaviours as well (e.g. swearing at the referee -f**k y**r m*m- at a basket ball competition he attended a few years ago where Lee Yifeng was also on it. Got all the videos as well lol). Throwing still lit cigarretes butt on the bushes..again, videos everywhere. Then the whole drama with his ex, Jin Chen, not to mentioned all those bts dramas with his costars. And least but not least, he was on People’s Daily newspaper a few years back for his official fanclub doing (he personally managed the fc), the raised money for ‘My True Friend’ wrap up party dinner and got around RMB 90k (around USD 14k) and the whole tables were full of shaobing/flatbread and nothing else. It was a big joke till now

      • Damn, so not only is he an idiot who basically threw lighter fluid into his own downfall fire, but he’s a certified asshole too? He had this coming for a good while. Even this tiny bit of sympathy I had just flew out the window.

      • @DSA

        LYF, not much. Got some blint items with people guessing it was him but that was it. Nothing to prove etc. It’s different with DL with his tons of bad behaviour that got captured and his fandom is also one of the worst. Always did fanwars with whoever he worked with

      • I’ve come across a video of LYF and I think he’s a bit sleazy. He’s not a certified *ssh*le by any means but judging by his behaviour he’s not terribly respectful to people of the opposite gender either. I’ll leave it at that.

  5. At this rate, all the famous stars will be on chopping block. There’s no such thing as easy money. Chinese stars make double what Americans ones do so there are consequences to that. Chinese fans standards are so high. They expect these people to be like angels. In reality, there are all humans like us. I bet most of them are stuck-up in real life and down-to-earth persona were just for show.

    I like Deng Lun but he pretty much did this to himself. I bet that somebody was out to get him. Like a lot of scandals, it could have been swept under the rug if he rubbed them the right way. I’m sure he’ll be fine as he still got other businesses. ZZH got the worse punishment of all. He still got bullied and living life like a ghost.

    • So true. There is no easy money in this world. Especially in China whereby most celebrities sell or represent products online, they need good image to promote sales. Fans will not buy goods if the rep has bad image and no investors will like that. He lost all endorsements in his own doings. This is a tough industry.

  6. Sounds like self inflicted wound here. If that’s the case, there’s no need to feel bad for him. He made his bed, now lie in it.

  7. I’m sure he’s not the only one under investigation, but it seems like the others probably did what was needed to be done in order to pay back what’s due and keep their careers, and he was didn’t. I’m just bummed because he is so well-rounded – looks (but not distractingly good-looking), skills, and variety. He also reminded me of Park Seo-joon.

  8. not even Fan Bing Bing could recover from her tax scandal. She hasn’t worked domestically at all since her scandal came to light. She had a supporting role in a hollywood movie and now a camero on a kdrama but nothing domestically. Deng Lun, while popular as a trendy actor, isn’t nearly as famous as her on a global scale so probably won’t get offers overseas. His career is over imo.

  9. He made a mistake, possibly his manager or adviser didn’t take care of it. Whatever the case, we love Deng Lun. They should just let them pay them back with his work, giving him a small amount to live by. Why take him out if he is loved world wide.

    • I agree-blame financial advisors that he trusted–he relied on their professional advice. Deng Lun was busy doing his job. He is a very talented and versatile actor. It’s shameful to just attack him since everyone knows there were business people involved that harm him. I know that he will comeback stronger and better than ever. A fan for ever! Stay strong and keep your head up high you r amazing and u will overcome this!❤️???

  10. Wow! Deng Lun has a Manager , Accounting, pretty much a large team that that takes care of all that stuff . So they are where I would be start with.. He is not sitting at a desk by himself doing his taxes. He has how many restaurants and Events , promos, shows , Films modeling events.. and so on. He has a team doing his taxes… Give him a break! He paid it and pointed them to other possible discrepancies.

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