Jeon Yeo Bin, Ahn Hyo Seob, and Kang Hoon Confirmed for K-drama Remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day

Man what a difference a month makes. This week K-ent reports that all three rumored leads of the upcoming K-drama remake of TW-drama Someone or One Day have confirmed – Ahn Hyo Seob will take on the role played by Greg Hsu, Jeon Yeo Bin is the female lead that Alice Ke played, and Kang Hoon rounds out the cast in the role that was Patrick Shih in the original. This news isn’t new so the original rumors were accompanied by screams of Nooooooo around Ahn Hyo Seob’s casting, but now that he’s riding a high wave of good will with A Business Proposal this confirmation is received with more hopeful optimism that he can rise to the occasion. I don’t think he magically became a better actor with A Business Proposal lol so my concerns remain but the casting is confirmed so best sit back and wait for the end product to review on its merits. The weird part with his casting is that I feel like Greg Hsu’s role was 100% meant perfectly for Nam Joo Hyuk sigh.


Jeon Yeo Bin, Ahn Hyo Seob, and Kang Hoon Confirmed for K-drama Remake of TW-drama Someday or One Day — 35 Comments

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  2. The most interesting thing about the confirmation is that it came from Netflix, so looks like they went and wrangled this project from Disney.

    Original cast publicly gave their blessings to the remake so maybe Netflix also bought rights to the Taiwanese version and will are it as part of the deal.

    Lee Do Hyun would’ve been a perfect casting for ML.

  3. I think Wie Ha Joon could’ve been really great. I’m lukewarm about AHS and don’t think NJH could’ve aced this too, though he could’ve done better.

    • Or Kwak Dongyeon. #justiceforKwakDongYeon!

      Lee Dohyun is perfect too, but feel like people just name him for any ML role in the 20s age group.

      I can think of a bunch of actors who I’d cast before AHS.

  4. ahn hyo seob actually needs to take a step back to improve his acting, not doing back to back projects. still not consistent. he hit it big in business proposal, but sometimes life is just about luck, isnt it

  5. Jeon Yeo-Bin should get out from this ambush!

    Between the fact that Korean remakes are usually pretty disapointing and none of the male leads are strong in acting, it doesn’t look like a good idea.

  6. I don’t like this idea at all, probably because I am not a fan of remakes. AHS is bad in ABP despite the drama’s success to be fair and nothing excites me about JYB.

    The first episodes of the original was a little bit slow before it picked up, the actors kept me in it cause they were good and had good chemistry but I don’t think this one will work. On the other hand, who am I to say it won’t work, we’ve seen a lot of dramas go above expectations so who’s to say this one won’t?

  7. oh i didn’t even think of nam joo hyuk but he would have been perfect for greg hsu’s role! however, it’d probably also be too much 90s for him back to back after twenty-five, twenty-one. i think he’ll want to do something different next.

  8. At least this is on Netflix and not on Disney Plus (aka where dramas fade into oblivion).

    After seeing AHS in BP, I can see how he looks the part, but his acting is…yeah…Maybe if they just make him stand there and not say much it’ll work.

    Gooooooood luck to JYB who will have to do all the heavy lifting for this. Sigh. Then again maybe AHS will pull a NJH in 2521 and surprise everyone. Recently, all the casting I got excited for failed and a lot of casting I side eyed ended up exceeding expectations.

    On a side note, feel like there are a few actors that have started exclusively working with Netflix.

      • ?‍??‍??‍?

        Now Imma respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, but @missjb I swear you have some of the wildest takes on acting skills.

        But you do you gurl.

      • @fawkess, NJH might be improved than his earlier days. But Ahn Hyo Seob has better technique. His facial expression is better and I can see why Kim Jin Won PD NIM choose him over any other actor, NJH For example. I think this is a perfect cast. Kang Hoon give me the 2nd male lead vibe in someday and one day. And Ahn Hyo Seob is the first choice, And I trust KIm Jin Won PD.

    • Yeah, I also noticed some actors just continually cast in Netflix shows. Yoo Ah In’s next drama after Hellbound is another Netflix production. I swear all of Park Hae Soo’s upcoming stuff is just Netflix. Jeon Yeo Bin is also doing back-to-back Netflix with this remake and all her other stuff is hosted on Netflix too.

      Wonder if Netflix is paying actors more.

  9. I wasn’t as in love with the original as others, so I think a remake could be interesting. I’m not crazy about the casting, however. I really like JYB and think she’s a good actress but maybe looks a little old for the part? I still think AHS is a terrible actor. I don’t know much about Kang Hoon.

  10. In the hands of Netflix, AHS could surprise. If he fails, it will be on him. It’s better to have no expectations on any dramas nowadays. I admitted I was a bit cynical whether Han So Hee could deliver in an action noir for Netflix but My Name came out to blow me away. Her acting is not top notch but her dedication to fight scenes and challenging herself was impressive. Better to be in Netflix hands than apple+ or disney+ where k-dramas get shunted and fans splintered. Dying to watch Pachinko and Soundtrack#1 with a Inguk cameo opposite HSH but apple and disney management just suck big time.

  11. Not on board for any remakes, especially this one. I loooved the original.
    But that said, I wish they had atleast gotten the casting right, Woo Dohwan would have been perfect for the role.

  12. I’m waiting for Kim Jin Won PD come back, and this project is perfect for his come back after My Country I Guess.. I was hoping his next project would reunited with SJK.haha…

    I really though Ahn Hyeo Sub acting is suit with Kim Jin Won style of directing after watching AHS in business proposal. He will be fine, IMO. I trust My fav PD nim

  13. I also didn’t like the original and dropped it halfway so not that enthusiastic about the remake. The taiwan version was stuffed with a lot of useless side characters and filler scenes so hopefully if Korea adapts it, pace could be tighter and storytelling done better. The combination is also a little odd. JYB looks her age and so does AHS. The 6 year difference could be a stretch. Netfkix seems to adopted AHS after SK looking at how many of his past dramas in now in their catalogue. They will probably promote the pores off this drama. Though a crazy APB fan that really the leads, both their follow up remake projects sounds dull to me.

  14. when the remake annouce the first actor come in mind is Wie Hajoon. he would be great in term of acting wise plus he look similar with Greg Hsu. but who know AHS probally turn good in this well we will see once drama goin to air.

  15. Loved the original. Nothing can replace it. None of the k cast are good actors. The actress has to be pretty solid since the story revolves ard her past and present but jyb imo is not a very good actress. AHS Is so bad. I don’t think NJH is good enough to carry this role either. If it went to Lee Do Hyun or Wi Ha Joon I’d have bothered watching. Korea always does very poor remakes with useless characters, side plots and one dimensional romance. So I’m skipping this

    • Come to think of it… Wi Ha Joon is a good choice. He does have the same feels as Greg Hsu. Age wise he fits JYB better as well.

      • Precisely. They look so similar facially. And both have the same versatility in their acting as well. Can play a baddie, softie, goofy/youthful, serious/mature. Too bad wi ha joon is signed up for little women

  16. Well, NJH is your bias so obviously. We always think our bias is perfect for any role. But here it’s totally true. When thinking about a ‘Youth’ theme drama he’s obviously part of the list along with Lee Do Hyun. But I also think AHS is in that list. He was once a well regarded actor and I don’t know exactly what happened (after Abyss) but now is his opportunity to redeem himself.

    • I think AHS’s way of improving his acting is to take on as many ML roles as possible and learn on the fly….

      Idk his exact age – is he enlisting soon? Usually these guys work continuously because they’ll enlist soon.

  17. I really like JEON YEO BEEN so I will watch and promote all the projects she’s in. Not worried about her acting and youth vibes because she’s good in visual transformation and already played the roles of school girls before. Note also that SOOD female lead Alice Ko was 34 years old when she did the drama. Gotta trust the ability of Korean production team in keeping their drama version interesting and engaging ‘til the last episode.

  18. All these talks about the original TW version being so great makes me super curious if it’s as good as everyone’s saying it is. Can anyone tell me where to watch it? It’s not on our country’s netflix and not on Viu either. Where did y’all watch it?

    • The original is good, Though I don’t like it being abit too dramatic in the third act. In terms of casting, I believe South Korea actor won’t be dissapointed. Jeon Yeo Bin can be a shy girl as well, like She did in save me.

    • Can be watched on illegal sites like kissasian/dramacool, I heard its is in viki/catchplay (if ever it is available in your country). ITS REALLY GOOD, twist after twist, better not read any spoilers, so that you will be blown away.

    • It’s super duper good and blows any youth/time travel/romance fantasy drama from Korea or anywhere else out of the water. It takes awhile to get into the meat of the story n ppl were divided on the ending. The plot is great, great character development, full of heart (prepare to cry abit) with little filler scenes (idk what the commenters talking about filler scenes above are referring to lol. Kdramas are full of nonsensical filler crap)
      And this Is coming from someone who is critical of what I watch n have been in the Asian drama scene for more than a decade. Taiwan has some real gems of dramas and this is one of them.

  19. I’m pretty happy about JYB being the FL. She was amazing in Be Melodromatic and this character sounds like an offshoot of her Melo character.

    AHS is weak on the acting front but even though he’s not a great actor he’s likeable??? I just laugh at him in Business Proposal instead of getting mad, and that’s a talent.

  20. JYB is a good actress.
    Wonder why she signed up for this with co-stars like AHS and KH.
    Hopefully she can bring out the best in them.

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