A Business Proposal Episode 11 Soars with Sweet and Dips with Steamy in Equal Measure to Set the Stage for Satisfying Ending to Come

The howls of outrage over the ending of Twenty Five, Twenty One have turned into resignation and sadness, the usual stages of grief. For the same viewers also watching A Business Proposal this Monday’s episode 11 was just what the doctor ordered to get over the bitter tonic that was Twenty Five, Twenty One. This episode was all tasty tidbits, from Young Seo and Seong Hoon getting engaged (his way) to Tae Mu and Ha Ri staying together despite the usual plots to separate them, this is a fantastic pre-course to tomorrow’s final episode. It also doesn’t hurt that the episode ends with a legit boat scene, haven’t seen one of those in awhile especially in rom-com land. All I can say is…..nom nom nom *fans myself*.


A Business Proposal Episode 11 Soars with Sweet and Dips with Steamy in Equal Measure to Set the Stage for Satisfying Ending to Come — 27 Comments

  1. I have really enjoyed this drama and I am glad it’s ending on a high note. I’ll definitely miss Racheal and Samantha

  2. While I enjoy and like this drama, the making out and bed scene between the main couple in ep 11 is a little awkward.
    Tae Mu for once needs to get some lessons from his Secretary Cha haha.
    Let’s have a nice final episode 12 tonight.

    • It was highkey awkward to watch tbh – so damn slow and weirdly positioned. Much of the drama takes inspiration from WWWSK so the fact that they couldn’t emulate the steamy scenes as well is pretty telling of the acting skills of the leads. It also hurts that the second leads had a kissing scene that went viral a while back. It’s never a good sign when the second couple outshines the main couple in romance ?

      • “Takes inspiration.” That’s a polite way of putting it. Let’s call a ripoff a ripoff, shall we?

        Oops, here come its stans to the defense. ?

      • Oops looks like we have people here who don’t understand what a trope is.

  3. Dannng, i am regret why i read all comments re. AHY. at first i disnt mind at all, i only enjoy the jolly, light and fun romcom like marry me mary. Not much conflict but fun, evwntho i felt something off re his acting and now you open my eyes how stiff he is. Yes he is super handsome like a candy in my eyes but his sleeping act at episode 11 not convince me. His face not look peace as if you have someone u love stay beside you, no peacefull face n so on. He just a handsome face pretend to sleep by closing his eyes. Dohh but i still love him. Hope he will get better in his next project.

  4. How awesome was Ha Ri when Grandpa told her to resign!? I love how she blasted him with her list of qualifications! I honestly thought the show would give us a fake out there, but, yeah, she actually did it! She is just such a warm, capable and fantastic leading lady!

    • @alienshore7 – thank goodness for the 12 episode length, I love that all the usual things that make a drama draggy (stubborn elders, public embarrassment for the FL, ML getting into an accident, FL being told to resign from a job she’s good at) are all resolved quickly and don’t get in the way of the nice fizzy romcom feels haha. I love that she stood up for herself and logically refused to resign from her job just for dating her bf lol. Leave the “helpless noble idiot” type in the 90s where they belong!

  5. I mean, definitely a week-saver from the heartache that 2521 brought to lots of k-drama fans. That making out scene is fire. AHS’s back muscles and biceps have more than made up for his sometimes stiff acting lol. Happy that ABP is giving fans a fun, enjoyable,,light series

    • Agree.. plus so so sweaty and his lips are completely smudged with her pink lipstick. Arrrggghhh was a bit shocked when it happened. It WAS awkward during the initial kissing due to the height difference but once she started straddling him… it was ooh la la hotstuff. AHS’s acting is soooo substandard but hes been very very handsome (abet abit too skinny) these last few eps so Im willing to overlook all the acting faux par. Sending this drama off tonight is super saddening but knowing I will always have this gem to binge on via netflix is my pocket comfort food.

      • @Jenna – I’m pleasantly surprised by the fact that once this couple got together, they STAY together – so rare in kdramas!

        AHS is much better than he was in the early eps of this drama, I have to agree that acting-wise he isn’t at the level a male lead should be but he’s good at the comic stuff and has chemistry with Sejeong. That last part is the most important since it mitigates some of his awkward acting. I’ve noticed he’s ok to really good in comic scenes and not so good in dramatic/serious ones, but I agree he needs to step it up – he got lucky this time that his leading lady was someone capable of carrying their scenes together.

      • Actually Love AHS acting here. The awkward is not bother me because he is so good at facial expression and adding depth. In episode 11, he through shine during the angst scene. I definitely will looking forward his upcoming work with Jeon Yeo Bin Now.

        He is one heck charismatic actor as well and has good screen presence.

  6. Some netizens are making fun of the “bed scene” , saying that it wasn’t well executed, but i think that suits the drama which is a fun one . But The skirt of KSJ didn’t help either the poor ABP . Lol . And everyone can’t push someone against the wall as Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince or Ethan Ruan in Fated to love you . I was happy with the return of Military prosecutor Doberman .

      • Sorry i was just naming 2 examples of ” bed scenes” that were considered hot back then . And the actors acting wasn’t awkward ,as netizens are saying that it was the case in this drama . Perso, i found it cute ,and as @Royal We i was surprised we got a scene like that as Skorea society is “officially” conservative .

      • @cahill Oh no, I loved this scene in Fated To Love You! I loved this drama (except when the filler episodes at the end…)

        I’m not suprised for a publi channel. They knew what they were doing by adapting this webtoon.

    • Honestly I’m surprised we got a scene like that for the main leads, I didn’t expect a terrestrial tv drama to go there!

      I don’t see the problem with it really, they have the chemistry to pull it off. The only thing awkward was their height difference especially with Kim Sejeong being in flat shoes, but that problem was instantly solved by having him lift her off her feet and onto that desk lol.

    • That’s how the characters are written though, neither of them were ever in a serious relationship with anyone/into anyone that way before.

  7. Ummm, come on let’s face it, bedroom scenes in real life are super awkward, so it didn’t really bother me much…hahaha. AHS isn’t the best actor I agree but he and KSJ are super cute together and makes me smile just watching them. This was really needed for me to counter balance 2521 so I’m satisfied. Looking forward to watching the last episode today.

    • Exactly… they aren’t tasked with pulling off 50 Shades of Grey either. Its funny how sites like allkpop chose the least commented articles full of hate posts and manipulated people into thinking the bedroom scene was a fail. Its so popular in korea that Netflix made a tiny version that ppl can keep rewatching the scene in the office without ppl seeing it. The hilarity lol. Netflix did market it better towards the end after seeing the crazy international response. No one expected this non big budget 12 ep romcom to blow up the way it did. APB came in #2 worldwide in viewership this week just under Brigerton. A scary feat really considering its a weekly drop and a Netflix unoriginal. I dun think I will be watching AHS new drama as hes still a stuffy and im not a fan of JYB tbh. But Sleeper Hit remake though not appealing to me… i will still catch for KSJ. I just love the girl to bits

      • I’m right there with you on KSJ, her acting is so natural. All her little mannerisms with KTM whether it is caressing KTM ‘s arm with her thumbs as he back hugged her or pulling him in for a kiss by grabbing his lapel just makes their affection for each other so believable. Her hugs and kisses are so much more authentic than other actresses who just stand there like a pole. She just seems so bright and easy going in the behind the scenes.

        I’ll definitely check out KSJ’s next drama but I dunno about AHS. He definitely needs a co star that clicks with him and a good director who will guide him to a good performance.

      • @Jenna – it’s #1 on the Netflix Top 10 in my country today – ahead of even Bridgerton! Seems like that’s a pattern across Asia lol

        I’m still astonished by the love this drama got considering the pre-publicity was a joke and it arrived with zero hype as “just another webtoon adaptation” – no big name stars (well, the leads are now on their way to stardom though! Especially Kim Sejeong, she was perfect for this role and really hard carried it in the early parts), no big name writer, nothing. But they did really well with what they had.

        Also who’s talking down about the bed scene?! Expecting Bridgerton level on that is a bit much, I thought it was perfect for this drama and really showcased the leads’ chemistry. Like @Partyline says, it’s nice to see a drama couple that makes physical affection and attraction look so natural.

  8. I think the bed scene was steamy and executed well. I was holding my breath actually. The tension and build up was nice. From tender to passionate. The comments on Swoon Youtube vid are certainly approving. Well done to AHY and KSJ and thank you to the Director.

  9. Well done cast and crew. BP finale ended on 11.4% to remain No.1 among Mon-Tue dramas. I will miss this little gem of a rom-com. Truly a godsent of light hearted escapism. Next I’ll pick My Liberation Notes to watch on Netflix to tide me over till Minamdang Case Note in June. I need more well done comedy sigh.

  10. Good acting by all. Handsome and pretty leads. Love Asian romance movies w subtitles so I can understand. I’m hook Ed on the good acting. Never care for the overbearing g mothers that hit their grown daughters on their own choices.

  11. first intimate night are normally awkward and clumsy. do you get things right on your first time? ? why do people only expect wild bed scenes?! it was taemu and hari… so you need to consider what their characters are like.

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