Disney+ Romance K-drama Soundtrack #1 with Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee Wraps 4-episode Run

In a blink of the eye there is now a fully complete 4-episode run of romance K-drama Soundtrack #1 to binge if you subscribe to Disney+. It’s either a lot of people don’t pay the Mouse for streaming or this drama isn’t that buzzy because it’s been pretty muted on the netizen commentary and feedback. Is it too slow burn, did the leads Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik not exhibit strong chemistry, it’s hard to assume where there is no chatter about it. If the drama is good and worth a watch I hope those who watched will share why because it’s a shame a good drama slips through for a reason unrelated to its quality. If the drama isn’t as good as it looked in the promos then that is a shame because the two leads really looked good onscreen together.


Disney+ Romance K-drama Soundtrack #1 with Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee Wraps 4-episode Run — 40 Comments

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  2. In all honesty, very boring but pretty cinematography wise. This Disney produced drama sinks with nondescript script, uninspired acting, detached chemistry and wrong choice of FL playing a character that doesn’t suit her. OST ironically for drama called Soundtrack nothing to shout about. I have expected more from Park Bo Ram who sang Ssangmundong in Reply 88. She contributed one song Want to be Happy which is entirely forgettable. Even her ex Seo In Guk cameo appearance is wasted. I had more fun watching him babysitting cats, dogs, racoons and roosters. Verdict: don’t waste your time and Disney should not be producing k-dramas.

  3. HSH is overhyped and with Nevertheless and Soundtrack clearly showing her weakness. I haven’t watched World of Married and My Name was too much of a stretch to even believe that her character was supposed to win over bigger built guys.

    But since there aren’t enough young actress to choose from so she’ll continue to get and star as a lead.

  4. Throw in terrible styling on PHS part with dull foundation and smoker lips inspired makeup and the worst hairstyle he has ever had. A FL with the same awestruck expression over and over again. Its a bomb both on chemistry front in addition to the uninspiring script. Mentioned in other threads falling asleep twice binging 4 eps. Says alot… Buzzy director, buzzy writer, buzzy actors yet nothing works. Snoozer this one.

    • Buzzy writer? I never heard of this writer and looks like her first time to write a mini drama. As for the acting…Hyungsik still served. The eye-acting is spot on for me. So hee may be awkward in the few episodes, but she delivered well in the last episode.

      • I find the drama very simple yet interesting, the actors did well with their role especially Hansohee and PHS, they’re chemistry is very good on screen, the only limitation here was that not all country Disney+ Channel is accessible, like me personally, I was able to follow the series thru YouTube with minimal reviews only, sometime on twitter , I just follow what the comments and reactions of viewers of that episode.. and lastly , 4 episodes really is too short for a series, the scenarios are very limited,but overall total I love the show and hopefully this will also be available in our country Phil..

  5. Yet another classic “looks fantastic on paper but failed miserably in execution.” I watched this for PHS HSH chemistry. I like him in Hwarang, WHTMF, SWDBS and Happiness. After Soundtrack, I wouldn’t want HSH to be cast opposite any of my favs. Another bitter disappointment.

    • Yes. Even though he put on a lot of weight in army and was quite chubby in Happiness, he still rocked the chemistry with HHJ. Its his eye acting alingside with hers. So many emotions conjured with just a look or a sigh. In this drama, his eyes just look dead…

      • @Jenna. I’m mystified as hell as to what happened to PHS’s acting. If there’s no lovebirds spark or chemistry, at least give me close sibling vibes or best friends closeness/banter. If Eun Soo is played IU or Jung Eun Ji I bet there would be a totally different reaction from Hyung Sik. I for once would love to see some BTS to know what’s going on. HSH doesn’t have a musical bone in her body so playing a lyricist is a huge ask. Was she being a diva or difficult to work on set with or pissed off PHS in some major ways? he’s famous for getting along swimmingly well with his FLs.

  6. This drama was boring af but would have been bearable to watch if there was chemistry between the leads. Wrong casting choice.

  7. Soundtrack convinced me that Disney has no idea what they’re doing. You have two famous leads and a very capable director and the end result is…this. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and talent.

    Why is this 4 episodes? How are you supposed to build momentum with 4 episodes on a platform that is severely georestricted already? They were better off making this into a movie.

    Netflix can give dramas a second chance but Disney turns even good material into duds.

    • Erm…4 episodes is TOOO LONGGGG for this drama. They should have just made a 2 hour long TV movie. The dialogue, poor chemistry and forced acting extended is nightmare on elm street

      • I am saying 4 episodes makes no sense for drama length. It is neither here nor there. It is too short to build momentum necessary for a hit and too long for a movie. So the fact Disney decided 4 episodes is puzzling already, never mind all the other stuff that didn’t work.

      • I’m calling it goldmine turned into turd heap. The staggered release of one per week is laughable. Come on does Disney think this is their Pachinko? Should be a 1.5 hour movie max no longer than that. I’m speaking out of frustration. BP made have high expectation.

    • It’s not like Netflix started making quality original drama’s of the bat.. I hate Disney’s model especially with the region restrictions but you can’t blame them fot this

      • @Kailey b – Actualllllly, Netflix’s first original drama ever was House of Cards, and their first original kdrama ever was Kingdom.

        So they did start of on a very high note.

      • @peanutgallery

        I’m talking about korean Netflix originals. My bad I thought love alarm/first was their first shows,point is though it’ll take time to get on the same level as Netflix. Anyway they have some potentially pretty good stuff in the pipeline.

      • @Kailey b – Disney needs to remove georestrictions first. I get why they’re doing it but it’s really limiting their viewership and growth. It doesn’t matter how good their pipeline is if they don’t have the distribution power. Just look at Pachinko: critically acclaimed but viewership is relatively low. But at least Apple knows how to win awards.

  8. I have Disney subscription. But all of their look good on paper dramas become boring when you watch it. Including Crazy Love.

    Someone needs to speak to the Korean drama production/ business development team.

    • None of the dramas Disney has picked up are any good and there have been enough of them that it’s now an established pattern. I am beginning to wonder if Disney is getting the leftover dramas that Netflix passed up on.

      The only thing good I’ve watched on Disney is Turning Red, and that isn’t a kdrama.

      • Grid is quite good though… Just because it’s not a hit, doesn’t mean it’s bad… I’m quite hooked right now, just finished ep 5.

      • Grid is Disney produced, I think? So it’s proprietary and Disney didn’t have to compete with Netflix for distribution rights.

        You kind of proved one of my points. Grid might be good but good stuff just gets buried on Disney.

      • Just chiming in here to second that Turning Red is AH-MAZING. One of my favorite Pixar films!

      • Took me awhile for it to ping. Hahaha. Turning Red is a cartoon. My young kids watch it. But its Chinese.

        Does Disney have Kdramas?

      • Sorry. I meant does Disney have Cdramas?

        Viki is carrying a lot of Cdramas these days till I’ve almost converted to Cdramas and gone off Kdramas.

  9. I love Park Hyung Sik but I don’t like the pairing in this drama. Han So Hee is pretty but she is not that likeable compared to Park Hyung Sik’s other leading ladies. I love Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo in Happiness even if the drama is more of action/horror genre but they are so swoony together on screen even if they are just playing good cop bad cop thing which is really funny. He and Park Bo young looks adorable too. I’d rather re watch the short film on Youtube with Park Hyung Sik and Han Ji Min than start watching this drama.

  10. Quitely admit that the acting is quite bland here. The actor don’t commit at all to the roles they are playing, just performing half heart acting.

  11. To think this is the most promoted Disney+ original and it still bombed lol agreed on HSH as miscast, someone like IU would’ve made the character work she’s an artist with a lot of writing credits herself after all

  12. Based on the comments above, I’m glad I skipped this. I will watch Again My Life as I heard great reviews of LJK’s acting as present and 15 years ago self. Viewers were full of praise for his dual acting and tout pacing. Never a dull moment.

  13. I think it is one of those dramas that would have worked with an idol actress as lead. Someone like Jung Eunji, Bona, Seohyun. I adore HSH in that she avoids being typecast but she seems not a good fit for the role.

  14. I think all of you just have high expectations on thia drama. First, this isn’t promoted as full-fledged drama. It is made to promote the songs featured in it. They made this drama for 6 weeks only and during weekends so it is just a fill-in proj of both leads.

    As for me who didn’t expect much, I love the cinematography and the simplemindedness the drama brings.
    Story has nothing to write home about but it is unfair to say the cast didn’t bring their best. I totally swooned at Hyungsik’s eye acting and in fairness to So Hee, she did her best to deliver esp in her confession scene.

    This drama is a breather if you are watching Pachinko or King of Pigs.

    I do agree though that it should have been a full movie instead of a 4part drama series.

  15. It was so disapointing. This kind of story with the ML in love with the FL but the doesn’t know, the FL is full of energy when the ML is quiet… Nothing original. You Drive Me Crazy was better.

    PHS acted the same role in acted in Happiness without the zombies.

    HSH didn’t bring anything to her character.

    The OST was meh, I couldn’t remember any song.

    It was pretty but it’s all.

  16. It’s not the kind of material one would usually see onscreen these days: it’s pretty slow, with very little action, with a very small cast of characters. I didn’t really mind watching a series that focused mainly on the two leads.

    Unlike the others, I saw good chemistry in the actors and I was satisfied with the acting. The only issue I have with this series is, there’s a major contradiction/plot hole that showed up toward the end.

    I’d watch this again, despite the slow pace, because I like how Park Hyungsik portrayed his character.

    I think this would appeal to viewers who are a little older, who have experienced unrequited love.

  17. I’m not ready to see PHS with anyone other than Han Hyo Joo. Happiness had the best pairing in my recent memory of blah couplings.

    • because of these toxic shippers, people are prejudiced on this show.

      One hindrance, this drama is only available in asia region. Not even broadcasted on korean tv. I think Koreans who are disney+ subscribers did like the drama bec it’s just simple and short. 40mins average per episode.

      Show isn’t a deep one, it’s a music drama aimed to promote k-songs…instead of having a music video, they made a drama. I bet if it’s on netflix and all episodes are released at once, it may get buzz.

      Bias aside, the drama is well made. Boring to some, but heartfluttering to others.

      And chemistry for me is really good. The actors did their best with the content they were given.

  18. Georestrictions are a huge issue for Disney. You can’t build buzz when half the viewership doesn’t even have access. (Kdrama viewership is not normally limited by region, we expect to all have access at the same time.) I feel like the people running the show are not really familiar with the Kdrama industry. And I’m sad because my two all-time favorites both have projects coming up this year that will only be available to me on Disney, and so I have no idea how long I’ll have to wait until they feel like airing them in my region.

    Even hardcore fans of PHS and HSH have had a hard time promoting Soundtrack when they can’t watch it. How can you discuss and talk up what you haven’t seen?

  19. Even if the film is boring – like both actors. Why is everyone so critical? I would like to watch it & I can get through a boring film & enjoy it. Just watched a drama that was totally a stalemate. Lead actor has so much charisma everyone loved the drama. Since the Covid epidemic there’s been very little kissing. Or is it because the ML is married & has a jealous wifey?

    I think directors are missing the boat on kisses in dramas. There are ways to exhibit chemistry between leads without kissing, but it is nice.

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