Lee Joon Hyuk Gets Double Casting Love Joining Nam Joo Hyuk in K-drama Vigilante and Playing the Villain in Outlaws 3 Opposite Ma Dong Seok and Lee Bum Soo

The more Lee Joon Hyuk the merrier, and he continues to be one of K-ent’s most versatile and willing to try different level role male leads. This week Lee Joon Hyuk got two casting offers on the same day so talk about a double win. The first is joining Nam Joo Hyuk in the streaming drama Vigilante, he plays the head of the group who helps organize the Vigilante activities. From a heroic support he goes to villainous support as he’s in talks for the third installment of The Outlaws to play the villain. He will join Ma Dong Seok and Lee Bum Soo for the movie with Ma Dong Seok in the prior two movies, the first had Yoon Kye Sang as the villain and the second it was Son Seok Ku as the baddie.


Lee Joon Hyuk Gets Double Casting Love Joining Nam Joo Hyuk in K-drama Vigilante and Playing the Villain in Outlaws 3 Opposite Ma Dong Seok and Lee Bum Soo — 12 Comments

  1. The recent batch of casting news has been refreshing and super amazing. Makes me miss my girl Kim So Hyun even more. This frankly just looks excellent. Nam Joo Hyuk is branching out beautifully and Lee Joon Hyuk is always good. Hopefully this come out sooner rather than later.

    • Yeah, been so impressed with NJH’s selection of projects recently. Good for him for having a varied filmography and not just doing romance dramas

      • I think she’s healing. Her last drama took a toll on her mental and physical health. It’s disappointing as a fan but she looks healthy and happy in her latest Instagram post so can’t complain. It’s hard to stan a celeb who’s so low key, introverted and ordinary regular girl next door but that’s also her charm. She becomes a completely different person on screen. No wonder she’s known for her acting prowess.

      • @Trui I hope that is the case but I mostly feel like her agent is also not doing a great job. Even if she is not doing any drama for now but at least there should be some photoshoot or Cfs but I see none. So, I am kinda worried for her as there seems to be many new actress breaking out every month.

      • @bubble I don’t think KSH cares about being popular or even being a celebrity. She’s only interested in being an actress but without any of the glamour. Personally I think she suits theatre more but she got her start on TV so she’ll stay in the mainstream media but I agree with @Trui she’s extremely low key and ordinary girl next door in personality to love the limelight. If you see her trajectory post signing with E&T which was her own one man agency she barely appears in public or did any endorsements. Until 2017 she was constantly in dramas, magazines and Cfs but 2018 onwards she’s barely had any Cfs and even when she does there has been minimal promotions. Her magazine appearance has been non existent and even in her last one with Y magazine she said “when else will I ever where such luxurious clothes.” Not something you’ll ever hear a celebrity say. If you try to measure her by the yardstick of a celeb you’ll be disappointed because she will never be that popular celebrity that’s always in the news. She’s a low key simpleton actress who is talented but has no interest in fame or recognition. It’s not the agency or anyone at fault. It’s just who she is.

  2. Though I want leejoonhyuk as leading man but this man is so damn good at playing villain role. He got those charisma

  3. I would always remember Lee Joon Hyuk in Secret Forest season 1. He was so good in being hateful one minute, and can’t be taken seriously the next.

    • his character was honestly one of my favorite things about the first season. so sleazy yet somehow still endearing?? idk man it just worked.

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