Lee Se Young Blossoms in Blue for Versace Spread in May 2022 Edition of Marie Claire Korea

How does one follow up on arguably the biggest role and drama to date, and one that was twenty years in the making. Lee Se Young was a true child actress, starting very young and one of her first roles was as the younger version of a female lead in Dae Jang Geum in 2003. So sageuks are part of her repertoire and it feels beyond apropos that she gets her biggest validation and success in a sageuk, and help the continued revitalization the genre. The Red Sleeve Cuff was half carried by her but alas she didn’t get as much attention as her male lead Junho, his role was flashier and broader in scope as a crown prince to king whereas she evinced the delicate nuanced emotions in a smaller pond that was the palace as a serving lady. I will personally remember her performance more, especially the final few episodes, Junho was the beating heart of the drama but Lee Se Young was the stirring soul. I’m so excited for her next role in the modern romance Love by Law as she continues her acting journey.


Lee Se Young Blossoms in Blue for Versace Spread in May 2022 Edition of Marie Claire Korea — 13 Comments

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  2. It’s amazing to see her slowly and steadily transforming from child actress to now a very fine lady and actress. She looks great in these photoshoot.

    She was the reason I started The Red Sleeve and also the reason I stayed until the end so for me, she was the heart and soul of the story. Sadly she was not appreciated by a single judge during Baeksang, but the whole nation appreciated her so it’s still a win. It’s proven with the special exhibition held for her character by a museum so it means she managed to leave huge impacts to many persons regardless.

    I remember she was equally good with Yeo Jin gu in her first lead role in sageuk ‘The Crowned Clown’ which I think she wasn’t greatly appreciated yet, until The Red Sleeve came which basically certified her as one of the sageuk queens for this era.
    Hopefully the next time she lead sageuk, it will be the story focused on her character and she will be greatly appreciated and acknowdledged by the judges then.

  3. I enjoyed The Red Sleeve watching Lee Seyoung and Lee Junho
    Now I can’t wait to see her with Lee Seung Gi in her next drama.

  4. I think she has almost zilch to minimum work done on her face because how can her features look exactly same as they were when she was a kid.

    • Oh definitely. I pride myself on being able to spot subtle plastic surgery work on celebs faces, but I don’t see any work done on her face throughout the years. Also, when I first saw her, I thought her nose isn’t completely natural because it’s rare for koreans to have that nose shape naturally, but I saw her pre-debut pics, and it’s insane how she just has that beautiful nose naturally! Talk about winning the genetic lottery! 😱

      • Yeah dunno why koreans are sleeping on her beauty, or at least were, given that they prize natural beauty so much

  5. I remember seeing her in Missing you and saying that she was so beautiful with natural and distinctive features. Then later on I watched Dr. John and since I have become her fan. I watched The Red Sleeve for her and then became a fan of both her and Junho. Can’t wait for her next project.

  6. Lee Se Young caught my attention in the preview of the Red Sleeve. She is the main reason for me to peservere on watching the Red Sleeve. Without her acting, the Red Sleeve would not be as heart-wrenching. Hope her acting will be appreciated and recognised in her future work.

  7. She reminds me of a young Winona Ryder, same soulful eyes. Love her acting in and also her bubbly personality in real life. Pretty sure she’ll be doing great in her new drama, excited for it!

  8. Lee Se Young is the main reason I watched The Red Sleeve. I love watching persevering young actors (who are not idols which means it’s harder for them to get popularity) get a lot more popularity. She’s a sageuk veteran, and one of the most beautiful actresses.

  9. Having first watched her in Jewel in the Palace where she had many scenes with actress Kyeon Miri (she played young Choi Geun Young to Kyeon Mi Ri’s Lady Choi). it’s quite funny how she’s acting with the boyfriend of Kyeon Mi Ri’s daughter.
    It’s also funny how both she and Han Ji Min were both in Jewel in the Palace playing small roles in one of Korea’s most remembered sageuks, and now both are successful and both also played King Jeong Jo’s beloved Consort Uibin Seong. Han Ji Min was in Yi San 2007 where Kyeon Mi Ri was also in

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