HK Acting Legend Tony Leung Celebrates 60th Birthday on June 27th After 4 Decades in the Industry

Legends never die and some never even grow old, or grow that old. HK actor Tony Leung, arguably the best actor in his generation and in the entire industry, hit a big milestone this June 27th turning 60 years old. His wife Carina Lau kicked off the well wishes on SNS and many more followed from his HK colleagues. He’s turning 60 a year after getting his career exposure to a new level with the success of Marvel superhero movie Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings where he ostensibly played the antagonist but really stole the whole movie. Finally Hollywood got to experience his full charisma and onscreen magnetism and better now than never. Congrats to Tony who will forever be a few of his iconic characters to me most notably THE Wei Xiaobao (Wai Sui Bo) in the 1984 version of The Duke of Mount Deer.


HK Acting Legend Tony Leung Celebrates 60th Birthday on June 27th After 4 Decades in the Industry — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks sooo much for this Tony appreciation post Koala. Nostalgia galore. I’ve watched Tony’s work since Police Cadet 1984, 1988 and The Rough Ride opposite the late Barbara Yung Mei Ling (1985). Man I used to ship him so hard with Margie Tsang then Kitty Lai lastly circled back to his tv sister Carina Lau. Ironically Margie was besties with Carina and Sandra Ng.

    Tony is like a vampire hehehe not aging majorly at all. He deserved all the praises and accolades for being a true legend in the acting world. Happy 60th!

      • @Sulthanah, so happy to find you here. A fellow tvb drama shipper. Heavenly sword ahhhh….part of the tvb golden years. Tony’s relationship with Kitty and Margie were the stuff of dating legends back in the days.

        Both he and Carina had tons of relationship issues with other people before ending up together. True love does exist. Lol.

  2. He sure deserves this recognition and praise. Nothing beat the Hong Kong Golden Ages. Grow up watching Tony Leung and all those 90s actors and actresses is the best part of my childhood. They still remain the top until now.. . Sadly they’re all very old now and some don’t even act anymore. Make you realizes how old you are, and much time has flies.

  3. Happy belated birthday 🎂
    Wishing you n family best of health and happiness and peace.

    If you want, 60,30,25,35,40,45.

    🍻 n hope to see you more on screen…

  4. I grew up as a teen by watching his HSDS 86. He and Kitty Lai Mei Han were a couple for a brief after HSDS. They were my favorite couple but they did not mean to be together. Kitty Lai finally married to his soulmate in 2005 and Tony married to Carina Lau.

    He has been the best Zhang Wuji and Kitty Lai has been the best Zhao Min in my opinion.

    • Kitty was such a sweet and quiet girl. So happy she found her soulmate at a later age and contented in her charity work now. On hindsight she and Tony weren’t suited for each other. So it all work out in the end.

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