Small Cable Network Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Doubles in Ratings After Premiere and Park Eun Bin Basks in Rave Reviews as Leading Lady

This is probably the legal version of Good Doctor and like that drama seems off to a garnering great reviews. ENA cable network drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Weird Lawyer Woo Young Woo) premiered this week airing on Wed-Thurs and the first episode got 0.948% ratings but the next night the second episode doubled that to 1.805%. That is extraordinary in the jump especially since ENA is such a small niche cable network. This drama could also have legs thanks to streaming on Netflix but it’s too early to tell. All reviews lavish praise on leading lady Park Eun Bin‘s acting as the whip smart lawyer with autism and an overwhelming love of whales. The netizens think not only her acting is so amazing the drama is fun to watch with great directing and a cohesive cast. I’m so happy to see Park Eun Bin continuing to challenge herself and succeed in her project choices.


Small Cable Network Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo Doubles in Ratings After Premiere and Park Eun Bin Basks in Rave Reviews as Leading Lady — 18 Comments

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  2. I liked these first two episodes. Eun bin is doing a really great job. I’ve been reading some (very few) twitter accounts bashing the show saying is a misrepresentation, but at the same time I’ve been reading some reviews and forums posts praising the show for been a perfect equilibrium between giving an entertaining show while not giving a too over the top representation. For the mean time I’m enjoying it.

  3. Watched the first 2 eps and the drama looks interesting. PEB’s definitely a reliable actress just like KTR. It’s not PEB’s character that made me cringe, it was her friend’s over-the-top acting, so I hope they can fix that.

    • She probably is an asperger person. Autism spectrum with high function. Not everyone with autism acts that way. Her acting is pretty good and she nailed this character. I dunno why some people bashed her but if you work with children with special needs, you’ll know that they are so special. They act in special way, the way they talk, smile, stare.. everything is so special.

      Ps : but she suddenly talked in the first episode, emm.. it could happen but most of them need therapy like speech therapy, occupation therapy or some need physical therapy. But then, there’s always a miracle in drama.

  4. Much love to this show. I have taught many elementary age students with ASD.
    If I nominated any actress to nail this portrayal it would be PEB. As tough as you think elementary school was for you.., quadruple that for children on the spectrum.
    Ease up people. Our children are listening

  5. I really love it…. And didn’t ecpecting Yo In Shik sign up to directing this drama. What a great surprise. no wonder the quality of visual is good. so far the drama feels so heartwarming and in each case they arise is not that heavy and convolute. really liking it so far.

  6. I loved watching both the episodes so far. It is so heartwarming .There is so much of empathy and love in this drama series. Wonderful Park Eun. Bin chooses honest and pure content. Lots of affection . from India with love 💖❤️.Bless you .

  7. I really liked the first 2 episodes. The story was balanced. People around her were skeptical but not completely jerks like we can see in another dramas. I loved the whales everywhere.

    For the autism part, people with autism doesn’t act all the same. They have different behavior like any people. So I think they exaggerate some parts but not too much. PEB was really good in this role.

  8. I didn’t like the first episode to be honest, I couldn’t concentrate and I kept being distracted which was not a good sign but the second episode pulled me in totally, I love how innocent she is, the teamwork, her relationship with the dad and Junho, everything clicked in the second episode.

    I think PEB is doing a good job too, it doesn’t exactly depict autism correctly but it’s cute enough although I do fear it might begin to fade out as more episodes drops we’ll see.

  9. I like it . PEB is an actress that i really like since long ago . Some parts are too exagerated as sadly autists are not well accepted in society but she is doing great . Autism is different for each person , Sheldon Cooper ( the big bang theory), Joo Won ( good doctor) , …

  10. For anyone watching Why Her and the absolute cesspool that is the TK law firm, this drama is a soothing brainwash. Lol. The lawyers here are kind, decent humans. It’s really refreshing!

  11. Is there a correct way to portray a person with autism when there’s a spectrum and it can be so unique depending on the individual? I really enjoy the the first two episodes. It was refreshingly warm and the main point is that people with autism are humans too and yey to a positive show about lawyers for a change hahahah.

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