jTBC Weekend Drama Itaewon Class Parks itself Firmly in 12% Ratings for Week Four

This is not a bad thing to have, ratings return all over K-drama airing so much so that a small cable network drama like jTBC success story Itaewon Class getting 12% ratings by week four seems like business as usual. Episode 5 got 12.289% and episode 6 increased slightly to 12.562%, with audience feedback still highly positive for this underdog gets revenge drama that is winning rave reviews for all three leads. Park Seo Joon has always been a talent to me even during his rookie days but in recent years netizens have been split on him as an actor and the projects he picks. Itaewon Class will firmly plant him in the top drama male lead level and really he’s just got to nail a movie soon and he’ll be solidly a double threat. Continue reading

Son Na Eun and Lee Ji Hoon Join the Cast of Shall We Have Dinner Together with Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye

Well this is certainly a good looking foursome cast. The production team for the drama adaptation of romance webtoon Shall We Have Dinner Together has found their second leads, with Son Na Eun and Lee Ji Hoon joining the dinner … Continue reading