Bu Bu Jing Qing Releases Intriguing 16-minute Long Sneak Peeks For First Three Episodes

Thanks to the C-dramas love for giving audiences so many promotional spoilers, the online portal QQ has just released 16-minute cuts of each of the first three episodes of Bu Bu Jing Qing. I confess to quite enjoying the extensive sneak peek and now I’m genuinely excited to catch the drama when it airs on April 22nd. Either Bu Bu Jing Qing is going to work or its going to crash and burn big time. There is no in between because there isn’t an audience for this story if it’s just a run-of-the-mill corporate inheritance and love quadrangle modern drama. Those are a dime a dozen in C-drama land, and frankly BBJQ also tosses in convoluted time travel and past lives hoodoo and I can’t imagine a new viewer who has never watched the period drama Bu Bu Jing Xin picking the sequel up for the heck of it. The bar was set so high with the love story between 4th Prince and Ruo Xi being so epic and devastating, it’ll be like killing my OTP twice if the sequel doesn’t deliver on their second chance at love with a higher possibility of a happy ending. Who isn’t scarred for life the way it ended in BBJX?

A tearful death would have been easy, instead we have Ruo Xi dying without never seeing her 4th Prince (and wearing his favorite outfit while waiting for him), while 4th Prince doesn’t even know she died until a freaking good week later when he receives the official notification that 14th Prince’s consort Maertai Ruo Xi has passed away. Then he finds her remains have been cremated already! I’m still shocked he didn’t fillet 14th Prince right there and there, thank god 13th Prince was around to calm his 4th brother down. Anyhoo, it wasn’t just Ruo Xi and 4th Prince that had it bad in the drama, let’s never forget 13th Prince and Lu Wu and their 10 years of incarceration followed by her jumping in a river, poor steamed to death Yu Tan and her forever love and devotion to 9th Prince, and 8th Prince with his unrequited love for Ruo Xi’s sister Ruo Lan and the way his amazing wife Ming Hui loved and died for him. I’ve linked to the extended previews of the first three episodes below as well as leads Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu at all the media events promoting this drama this week being super adorable and lovey dovey. Continue reading

Song Seung Heon is a Love Obsessed Colonel in Upcoming K-erotic Movie

I find Song Seung Heon a gorgeous specimen of male perfection, so much so I’m willing to shelve my acting requirements and watch him do what he does onscreen. If he calls acting then so be it, I call it “oppa being pretty”. It’s quite a feat to pull off nearly twenty years of acting and still not have a single role under his belt where anyone can say he knocked it out of the part, there’s just bad and maybe not as bad. Will taking off his clothes and engaging in illicit make outs do the trick? The upcoming erotic K-movie Obsessed (Korean title Human Addiction) is coming out next month in May and seems a few months early since the hot days of Summer might be a better fit for this genre. Song Seung Heon plays a colonel in the Korean army during the Vietnam war who falls for the ingenue wife of his subordinate played by relative newbie actress Lim Ji Yeon. While Jo Yeo Jung is the much bigger actress, she really doesn’t fit the role plus she’s such a veteran of the erotic K-movie I can see her stealing the show playing Song Seung Heon’s cuckolded wife. Oh Joo Wan rounds out the lead cast playing Song Seung Heon’s subordinate and the poor guy who gets his pretty new wife’s heart stolen by his commanding officer. So far all the stills and the first trailer play more moody rather than titillating, but with PD and screenwriter Kim Dae Woo behind the helm, I expect this to get hot fast and stay there until the inevitable rocks fall down sort of ending. Or maybe not, maybe this will be one affair that ends well and everyone chalks it up to a bout of war-related mid-Summer madness. Check out the gloriously pretty new movie stills below Continue reading

In a Good Way Episode 22 Recap

This episode of In a Good Way was a walk down memory lane for Liu Chuan to finally uncover the truth about the treasure and task his grandfather left him. But it was also an amazing walk down memory lane for the audience chock full of many Easter egg scenes that were homages to great moments earlier on in the drama. This is a can’t be missed episode of the drama for those who have savored it from the beginning. Liu Chuan and Jia En’s shower stall scene in episode 1? Ah Qing and Tracy enact their own version and it’s freaking sexy and oh so sincere. Jia En leading Liu Chuan on a treasure hunt to open his heart to her? Ren Wei leads Liu Chuan on a treasure hunt to figure out what Liu Chuan really feels about Jia En. Xiao Wei’s sketches of Ri Qi? It’s his turn to sketch her. Jia En and Liu Chuan’s first fight in episode 5? It almost happens again the second she steps on the landmine that is Liu Chuan’s interaction with his dad but it unfolds differently because both characters have matured and made progress since then.

Episode 22 reminded me not only that I still love IAGW to pieces, it also showed me why I love it so much. It understands the characters’ personalities so all the interactions are about learning and doing things together. It’s never conversation for the sake of plot exposition and there has yet to be a “gotcha moment” anywhere. In any K-drama, Ren Wei and Liu Chuan would be in a love triangle with Jia En, even if Ren Wei has a one-sided love it’ll still be amped up until all he does is look upset and mope about losing her. Here we see Ren Wei nursing his one-sided love but in an increasingly mature way instead of one extreme or the other. In this episode he even has a bromance moment with Liu Chuan with an underlying bit of rivaly, the unspoken frisson between two men that warns Liu Chuan to not take Jia En for granted because Ren Wei has her back and he’s a potential rival for her heart. It was awesomely done and to see Liu Chuan understand that and open up to Ren Wei makes me happy. These kids stumble and bumble their ways towards love and growing up but it’s all handled in the greater context that life is more than just one person or one thing. Continue reading

C-drama Billion Dollar Inheritors Releases First Characters Looking Just Like K-Heirs

Get ready to laugh until your belly aches. The first official character stills from the upcoming C-drama Billion Dollar Inheritors (亿万继承人) has just been released. This was the drama that made the news in the beginning of the year for being the C-remake of last year’s hit K-drama Heirs. Turns out it’s not a remake of Heirs as this particular C-drama had been in the works even before Heirs premiered last October. Billion Dollar Heirs submitted its synopsis to SARFT for approval last June so that rather answers the remake question. That doesn’t mean C-Heirs isn’t now riding on the coattails of the success of K-Heirs, plot remake or not. It’s enough of the same pool of rich kids and their love and inheritance woes that I think it’s disingenuous not to acknowledge the inevitable K-Heirs comparison. C-Heirs isn’t doing itself any favors by literally copying the character stills from K-Heirs and doing so in a way that just looks cheap and lazy. And don’t get me started on the cast of C-Heirs consisting of comparatively unknowns young actors and actresses plus Choi Si Won. Producer Li Shao Hong acknowledges that she’s trying to incorporate the Korean directorial flair that makes its idol dramas so addicting and intends for C-Heirs to be beautiful to watch along with a story that is entertaining. It doesn’t have a high barrier to step over since K-Heirs is famous for not having any real story and still selling the heck out of it. Continue reading

Secret Love Affair Episode 10 Recap

Those above Hye Won believe it is greed for a position of power in Seohan that drives her. They exploit this as a way to keep Hye Won in check. Look at the way Mde Han manipulates the Sun Jae situation. Everyone knows or at least suspects something is going on between the student and teacher, but somehow that escapes Hye Won’s notice. When Mde Han gave Hye Won this pretty toy to play with, not only does the Foundation get the benefits of an extremely valuable puppet, but Mde Han now holds the strings to Hye Won’s emotional future as well. But is Hye Won really that deluded to think she could unseat Princess Young Woo some day? As a commoner, the only way to achieve this would have been to marry into the royal clan. Seo even mentioned that if Hye Won had been a man, he would have liked her as a son-in-law. As it is now, Hye Won’s greatest ambition in the service of the King’s family amounts to helping them into their robes, but never ever wearing them. We still haven’t learned how or why Hye Won sold herself into slavery all those years ago. While we have been led to believe Hye Won gave up music because of a physical injury, there has to be something more, something connected to her past. Whatever it was is buried so deep in Hye Won’s psyche, even she isn’t aware of it. It’s the other shoe Koala talked about in Episode 9 and it feels dark, heavy, cold and ominous. Continue reading

Written and Video Preview for Episode 22 of In A Good Way

I can sense interest in waning for In a Good Way, which is a shame since this drama remains as good as it’s ever been, and also because I know how rare of a beast it is. Just looking at the latest SETTV Sunday night drama Fall in Love with You is a startling reminder slap in the face to treasure IAGW. That drama is like a moron frankensteined combination of parts of other idol dramas and then handed to two actors who can’t act and have no chemistry. Contrast that to an ensemble cast of IAGW that has shined in both romantic, friendship, and familial chemistry, plus a genuinely interesting and meaningful story, how can I just let IAWG disappear into the night towards the end of its run? This drama really is headed towards its ending as all the main cast members have posted FB updates about receiving the script for the last episode, plus Jay Shih also posted an update that filming has already wrapped on the college campus where they film all the Cheng Dong University outdoor scenes.

Jay lamented how six months seemed to have flown by, and I feel the same looking back at where the days went. At least with IAWG I feel a sense of dramatic satisfaction, that my drama watching days were spent with this amazing TW-drama that finally captured some of the spirit, flavor, and unique storytelling essence of some of the great TW-dramas of years past. It has been a pleasure to watch and I’m not getting off this ride so close to the end and I hope everyone stays with me through the final stretch. Episode 22 promises a trip down memory lane for Liu Chuan as he follows the clues left in the address book that he found as part of his grandfather’s “treasure” for him. All signs point to its connection with the Taiping steamer sinking of 1949, which leaves the more important question of what Liu Chuan’s grandfather wants Liu Chuan to do about it? Anything is fine as long as it doesn’t entail a separation between my OTP. Kirsten Jen and Lego Lee revealed that their onscreen interactions were decreased in recent episodes due to his back injury problem but it’ll come back in a big way in the coming episodes to make up for it. Oh hells yeah!

Continue reading

Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Bring Back all the 4th Prince-Ruo Xi Feels for Bu Bu Jing Qing

Goodness does the production for Bu Bu Jing Qing really know how to milk the Bu Bu Jing Xin feels. I freaking love this new drama poster! As the long-awaited sorta-sequel gets ready to premiere next Tuesday April 22nd, the promotional materials are starting to snowball and I’m being judicious about what I pluck out lest I get steamrolled by unnecessary side characters and story lines I can care less about in the sequel. I’m front and center for one thing and one thing only – seeing my 4th Prince and his Ruo Xi get their freaking happy ending! Who cares if modern day 4th Prince is a guy named Yin Zheng and may or may not have memories of his past life. At least Ruo Xi does after she comes back to the present time and resumes being Zhang Xiao.

It’s going to be so weird not to call her Ruo Xi, which was an element Tong Hua did so well in the novel which was introduce Zhang Xiao but then have her live as Ruo Xi for 20 years in the Qing dynasty so in effect she had lived her life as Ruo Xi. BBJX the drama already deviated from the novel since in the novel Ruo Xi dies in the Qing dynasty and she doesn’t go back to her modern life, but by adding the segment to the end of the drama the production definitely lined the path for a sequel. I hope the character of Yin Zheng in BBJQ captures everything that makes 4th Prince such a great male lead, he’s actually one of my favorite Tong Hua male leads in all her novels and a big reason I majorly love Xiang Liu in Lost You Forever is because he has such restrained devoted emotions like 4th Prince. Continue reading