Third Preview for Black Knight Piles on the Moody Imagery and Sneak Peek at Sageuk Scenes

I’m still not sure what to expect from upcoming KBS romantic melo-fantasy drama Black Knight, other than all the teasers and promo pictures make it seem like the cast is filming a music video rather than a drama. It harkens back to the overkill visuals of the early Hallyu drama days as pioneered by the seasons dramas, think Winter Sonata where the backdrop and weather was as much a character to the proceedings as the actual characters. For Black Knight I get tons of autumnal cues and this latest third teaser has everyone looking moody as heck. Shin Se Kyung wanders around looking lost and scared, seriously like a personification of her real life limitations as an actress faced with a scene she needs to properly emote, and Kim Rae Won is smexy as shit and that’s about all I can get because the narrative is being kept so opaque. We finally see second female lead Seo Ji Hye presiding over the proceedings like the regal queen she is, and quick cuts to sageuk scenes that set the stage for the leads reincarnated centuries spanning romance. Continue reading

SBS Drama Nothing to Lose Becomes Judge vs Judge and Ready For Wed Premiere

I feel like SBS Wed-Thurs dramas just blended together as the newly arriving one formerly known as Nothing to Lose but now has the English title of Judge vs. Judge is straight up a continuation of predecessor drama While You … Continue reading

Three Huge Age Gap Korean Projects Coming in 2018 with Mr. Sunshine, My Ahjusshi, and Love Sling

I’m amused by the hand wringing by K-netizens on the coming 2018 romance (or romance-adjacent) K-dramas with huge age gaps. Like this hasn’t happened before, and enough times to make it just a meh reaction from me. I even loved … Continue reading

Lee Young Ae and Song Joong Ki Lead Big Name K-star Appearances at 2017 MAMA

Keep you eyes peeled on November 25th for the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), the latest spectacle put on by music network Mnet to further promote Hallyu pop and entertainment. I’m guessing big K-pop winners are likely the big … Continue reading