My Secret Hotel Episode 12 Recap

It’s rather unheard of to suddenly have a new favorite character(s) in a drama arrive late in the game such as in episode 12 of My Secret Hotel, and in the form of formerly barely there side roles. Hae Young’s parents have turned out to be adorable, sweet, and considerate, and in a shocking twist from being evil chaebol in-laws from Hell, end up doing whatever they can to help their son win Sang Hyo’s heart. That already enough for the shoo-ins for parent of the year, but they pile on the awesome by treating Sang Hyo with affection and understanding leeway, accepting her limitations and extending their welcoming hand even if she’s not ready to take it at this time. As of now, the most convincing reason for Sang Hyo to go back to Hae Young is for her to land the best in-laws in the world.

I’m mostly kidding on that since Hae Young did make major strides in reminding Sang Hyo of their wonderful past experiences together when married. But he follows it up by continuing to be immature when it counts in trying to win Sang Hyo’s trust through everything except telling her the truth about why he left 7 years ago abruptly. Perhaps my earlier hunch is still correct and he didn’t leave abruptly but left a long letter which was swapped out for the cold plane ticket with no explanation. I still can’t figure out a reason for the two exes to not talk through the past even for closure’s sake. This episode was cute enough being chock full of OTP scenes together, but sadly the ending confrontation brought it all back to square whatever once again. Continue reading

Jessica Releases Statement as the Remaining 8-members of SNSD Attend Somber China Fan Meeting

The now 8-member girl’s group of SNSD (Girl’s Generation) had quite the whirlwind 24-hours since any K-ent incident I can remember in years. Now former member Jessica dropped the bombshell that she had been abruptly kicked out from SNSD even as she was headed back to Korea from NYC to join her fellow members to jet to Shenzhen China for the group’s first Chinese fan meeting. It took SM Entertainment many hours before releasing the official statement confirming that Jessica was indeed out of SNSD but would still be managed in her solo activities by SM. During the interim period after the news broke and before the official confirmation, the remaining 8 members of SNSD jetted off to Shenzhen for their fan meeting scheduled later that evening. Now the pictures are out from the fan meeting best described by Chinese fans in attendance as absolutely surreal. Nothing was specifically discussed about Jessica’s glaring absence though during some of the songs, Jessica’s portion was left unsung with only music playing. Apparently Hyoyeon also cried on stage, and with the entire group dressed in black, it was basically sad station central. Continue reading

My Spring Days Episode 6 Recap

I love this face. She can’t and doesn’t want to hide anything from the world. Her desire to make others happy stems from the motivation to enjoy her own second chance at life. Her family has protected her up to this point from anything bad happening to her, but they can’t protect her forever. They have been making decisions about her health, where she works, who she dates, when she sleeps. It has to be stifling for a grown woman to live under those watchful eyes. Who knew that a solo pilgrimage of thanks for the gift of life she received would shake everything and everyone up as much as this one did? The growing discontent she feels now didn’t appear out of nowhere at Udo, but she may have discovered then that there may be more to life than what her family has shown her so far. Continue reading

My Secret Hotel Episode 11 Recap

As My Secret Hotel heads into the final arc of its run, the narrative convergence is bringing more and more flaws to the forefront. I’m not talking about the dragging on of the love triangle whereby Sang Hyo doesn’t even look anywhere close to giving Hae Young a second chance and is firmly on team Sung Gyum at this time. A convincing love triangle is never a problem in and of itself, but the key word is convincing. The love triangles that piss me off such as in Marry Him If You Dare is wholly because one leg is basically a gimpy wanker of an alternative. Here I can argue both men are on equally footing to win Sang Hyo’s heart, and both have flaws and strengths aplenty to be viable competition. If Hae Young has the advantage it’s on his history with Sang Hyo and the fact that she clearly still has feelings for him. If Sung Gyum has an advantage is his lack of baggage with Sang Hyo and her mental determination to move on to him and not dilly dally with Hae Young. Continue reading

Updated: SM Confirms Jessica Weibo Posting that She Was Forced Out of SNSD

All the Korean agencies embroiled in recent scandals may want to send thank you cards and gifts to the offices of SM Entertainment. KeyEast with Kim Hyun Joong‘s domestic violence case, YG with Seungri of Big Bang‘s sketchy car accident details, BH Entertainment with both the Lee Byung Hun blackmailed by Dahee and a model mess and Han Hyo Joo‘s little brother’s alleged army bullying, all of those lingering matters are going to take a backseat to the shocker that was just dropped by Jessica of SNSD (Girl’s Generation). I don’t follow Jessica Jung’s career but I know she’s one of the 9-member SNSD as well as Krystal‘s older sister and the two even had their own cute sisterly variety show this summer. Jessica posted this morning on her Chinese weibo page (rather than on any Korean SNS) that she had been unfairly pushed out of SNSD without a by-your-leave. Continue reading

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Drops More Cute Posters and Manga-vibe New Teaser

It’s Monday so right on cue KBS released more Tomorrow’s Cantabile goodies. There are now a total of three official drama posters that all share the same beige color scheme along with plenty of instruments to highlight the music theme. The first drama poster was a very romantic skewing one where Joo Won stares at his smiling leading lady played by Shim Eun Kyung. Maybe at some point in the story that expression will feel well-earned but it’ll take a long time before the kooky 4D pianist worms her way into the tightly wound music genius’ heart. The other two posters are a bit more fun with another OTP set but this time the two leads are making awkward faced while the third poster showcases the full cast including Go Kyung Pyo, Baek Yoon Shik, Dohee, Jang Se Hyun, Jung Sung Ah, Kim Yu Mi, and Park Bo Gum among others. Continue reading

Yoon Eun Hye in October High Cut and Organizes Charity Auction at Her Cafe

There’s been a steady stream of upcoming K-dramas that are fun to discuss which established or up-and-coming star would headline it. Sadly there isn’t a female-centric project coming up in sight which means Yoon Eun Hye will probably not be coming back to the small screen anytime soon. When I say female-centric it means the drama revolves around the female lead rather than the male lead or even equal time spent with both leads. Dramas such as Empress Ki, Goddess of Fire, Queen Seon Deok, Dong Yi, plenty of sageuks focus on a famous female character in Korean history. I’ve been pushing for Yoon Eun Hye to do a sageuk but she’s likely hesitant because of both the time commitment and mostly for the diction and articulation requirements that have always dogged her acting career even as she gets acclaim for her emotional expressiveness. Modern dramas tend to be rom-coms where both leads carry equal weight and perhaps there will be a thriller drama again like God’s Gift: 14 Days where the female lead is the focal point of the narrative driver. Continue reading

The Cast of My Lovely Girl Show Fun Musical Camaraderie Guesting on Running Man

If ever there was a recently premiered SBS K-drama that could use a boost in the cast guesting on the variety show Running Man, then My Lovely Girl would be one of my top picks. Watching it is an entertaining experience partially due to how it confounds me with such glaring awkwardness in regular intervals. A cute scene of Shi Woo and Se Na flirting bantering is followed by a random car crash where the rich stepmom falls into the agency director’s arms in slow motion. An adorable human Golden Retriever Hyun Wook talk with doggie Golden Retriever Dalbong is followed by jealous insecure asswipe Jae Young randomly proposing to Hae Yoon when the two barely are on grab-a-lunch-at-work terms. Whatever is going on with MLG, it could definitely use an image boost for the viewers and what better way than to hop over to the set of RM and show off some real life cast chemistry. Continue reading

My Spring Days Episode 5 Recap

What I love about My Spring Days is how many levels there are to the love story. Bom-yi is re-falling in love with the family she met all those years ago when she returned little Poo-reun. Dong-ha is allowing his heart to remember love when he sees how open and generous Bom-yi is with him and his kids. Her warmth and humor attract him – not sure how physical the pull is right now. He probably doesn’t dare to let those feelings blossom. She is after all his brother’s fiancee. With that in mind, his empathy with his daughter who is also captivated by Bom-yi is so genuine, and I love his advice not to get too greedy. This is, of course, easier said than done. As he struggles away from the pull from Bom-yi, she is too innocent to see how her good feelings could eventually hurt another person. Someone has to deny his or herself the love they desire. Who will that person be? Continue reading