Millet Finally Produces a Fun and Chemistry-filled CF Campaign with Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye

Thank goodness it’s not going to be three strikes for Korean outdoorwear brand Millet when it comes to maximizing the chemistry of spokescouple Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye. The brand already majorly failed the first two photo spreads, with dull lifeless snaps of the two models clearly taken separately and then photoshopped next to each other. So much no I can’t even. Maybe they heard all the annoyed feedback, or simply realized it was such a brain fart not to put them in the same frame and press click.

That’s what fans have finally gotten with the latest Millet pictorial, capturing Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye hanging out and goofing around while wearing the latest Millet fall fashions. Now that wasn’t hard, was it? Even without the dating scandal this past spring, it’s clear the two still have chemistry galore, and a genuine camaraderie with each other. It’s not just the connection, they actually seem to enjoy hanging out in the pics and riffing off one another. Better late than never, Millet. Now keep up the good work going forward. Continue reading

Glamorous Temptation Holds Script Reading and Starts Filming Childhood Portion with Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk


There’s nothing wrong with deciding to watch a drama for any personal reason, however big, small, or totally nonsensical. In the case upcoming MBC 50-episode weekend drama Glamorous Temptation, my decision to watch for the first ten episodes featuring the … Continue reading