Character Previews for Hwarang Put Goofy Action in Sageuk Setting

The arrival of Shilla flower boys is a little less than two weeks ago and I don’t know if KBS is relieved that the very low rated The Man Living in Our House is ending or worried that it’s sunk cost pre-filmed sageuk Hwarang is still going to have to go up against the tail end of the big Mon-Tues ratings juggernaut Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim. Premiering on December 19th with a streaming simulcast in China, the drama just feels bipolar to be in terms of tone. It’s mostly silly slapstick type stuff but a small kernel of seriousness, with not enough balance in the previews to make me feel anything substantive from the narrative scope. The hwarang training is particularly eyeball rolling, the only part I liked was a young trainee idol worshipping Park Seo Joon’s character, too bad Park Seo Joon looks super out of place in sageuk garb whereas Park Hyung Sik seems more at ease in character. Continue reading

Song Joong Ki Dethrones Jeon Ji Hyun in Top Spot for 2016 Annual Poll of Most Popular CF Star in South Korea


Congrats is in store for yet another accomplishment for this year’s Hallyu star breakout Song Joong Ki. already a well known and acclaimed young actor in South Korea but reached a much wider stage this year with the success of … Continue reading

South Korean Parliament Votes to Impeach Scandal-ridden President Park Geun Hye After Two Months of Public Protests


South Korea’s much too long and way too crazy for real world national nightmare is finally over – this Friday the Parliament voted overwhelmingly 234-56 to impeach President Park Geun Hye. The impeachment will immediate suspend her from office while … Continue reading

Lee Min Ho’s Conmen Trio Plot Their Next Target in New Stills for Episode 7 of Legend of the Blue Sea


The high quality raw ingredients are there so it’s even more frustrating that screenwriter Park Ji Eun isn’t doing more with the scoundrel conmen trio of her leads in Legend of the Blue Sea. There are moments of brilliance such … Continue reading