KBS Drama Your House Helper Looks Like a Bougie Brunch in Drama Posters and Previews

K-dramas are being preempted starting this week left and right on the prime time channels due to World Cup coverage. That means new KBS Wed-Thurs drama Your House Helper won’t premiere this week despite predecessor Suits wrapping up past week, it will get a one week break and arrive on July 4th. The promos and stills are about as far away from fireworks as I can imagine. It looks and feels like a catalog cover shoot for a modern¬†bourgeoisie family brunch in the weekend house out at the countryside home. Male lead Ha Suk Jin plays the butler/housekeeper working for a family of four women described as scattered and a hot mess so he cleans their living space and fixes their emotional issues, so perfectly capturing the present sensibilities, right? At least I don’t expect hair pulling, water cup splashing, and screeching mother-in-laws to pop up in this drama. Continue reading

C and TW-Stars Run the Fashion Gamut for Vogue Film Fashion Exhibit

There is so much fashion eye candy out and about at the Vogue Film Fashion Exhibit in China this weekend, with top Chinese and Taiwanese stars making their chic presence felt. I don’t think everyone looks good, necessarily, but everyone … Continue reading