Oh Yeon Seo is Scene Stealing Leading off New Cast Stills for Please Come Back Ahjusshi

With lunar new year over and done with, finally it feels like the never ending slew of holidays has passed and it’s time to get down to business. February marks the arrival of several high profile K-drama premieres, two of which are going head-to-head in three weeks at the end of the month. KBS is finally unveiling the fully pre-produced Kim Eun Sook penned drama Descendants of the Sun on Wednesday February 24th, and the same day over on SBS is the premiere of the soul swapping humanistic drama Please Come Back Ahjusshi based on a well received Japanese novel.

I’ve been enjoying the promo stills and teaser videos for Please Come Back Ahjusshi, it’s nice to see Rain playing a character suited for his acting style rather than being shove in teeny bopper romances like My Lovely Girl. Even more intriguing than Rain is actually leading lady Oh Yeon Seo, who I have been really meh on in the past, but am loving her as she plays Kim Soo Ro‘s soul in her hottie ladu body. I think her gruff manly act with the visual incongruity coming from her form will be a landmine for chuckles. Check out loads more newly dropped character stills of all the primary cast members, those mentioned above as well as Lee Min Jung, Honey Lee, Choi Won Young, and Kim In Kwon. Continue reading

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