I’m a Koala. Who has opposable thumbs and can type. Come by and visit anytime. If I think of something interesting, I just might write about it.

I am O. C. Koala (not pronounced as one word) โ€“ and kinda like it when people call me Koala or Mz. Koala or Your Koala Highness.ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

If you want to send me a private message, you can email me at: ockoala1@gmail.com

I can’t promise that I will respond, but I will try my best. ^__^

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  1. I log on to your blog to see what new updates you will spoil us with, so many times in one day that I have stopped keeping count ….lol
    and today was no different….
    But each time today, even after I was every much sure that I was on the right blog, my mind kept telling wrong blog….lol because your words keep jumping off the screen in a large blinding scream demanding to be heard….( as if you weren’t being heard before) lol
    But I love it, I love that your words have taken on a life of its own and that it demands to be heard.!!!
    Any way I wanted to tell you thank you.
    Thank you for all the updates and recaps, for your long hours and opposable thumb….. Thank you !!!!!

  2. I can see this a website somewhat like dramabeans and what i love is that you dont do just KDramas recaps. I love that you taiwan ones, which are hard to find. But lately it seems as though its a “Lie to Me” blog rather then a “All Dramas” recap blog. You used to recap “Drunken to love you” in a day and now it takes longer. I know its a tough job but it would be great to see your opinions besides “Lie to Me” ones.

  3. Ockoalaaaa !!! i found a new drama its seemed really reaallly good and fun its with kim joon hyun (goong) and with the girl frm prosecutor princess
    haha so gooooood . im so happy i missed him so much and his last drama was so not good but this one “I need romance”

  4. Agree with Shash’V. Have seen two Eps. of I Need Romance on Dramafever and it’s a lot of fun…any chance to recap and/or comment? It seems like a breath of fresh air compared to some I’ve seen recently.

  5. Love all your recaps but most of all your thoughts on each episode which most of the time somehow coincide with my thoughts and I say “my thoughts exactly”. Thanks for all your efforts to bring us these recaps. Are ypou not watching Pretty Young woman (jang Nara)? I like her too.

  6. Hello Mz. Koala, I came across your blog last week because of my LTM madness and omg…. you’re a genious!!!! I like so much your thoughts and your recaps. It’s my first time reading recaps. Thanks for putting so much effort on this blog. I greatly commend you. Godbless :)

  7. Hi Koala,

    I chanced upon your site last week while I was in a LTM craze (still am) and I love your witty comments and humour.
    Thank you for all the effort. It must be your full time job managing this site.

    P.S: I realise you have FOL on your top 10 Kdrama and I was whooping with joy! Its my of my fav and I hardly see anyone recommending it. ^_^

  8. Hi Koala,

    I am a scientist who is crazy about drama. They are good for my soul and they make me happy. Reading your review makes me happy especially when I don’t understand Korean. I am used to all the technical analysis and readings but your blog is such a great read that I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  9. Hi Koala,

    I love to read your blog especially the k-drama LTM, i now re watch it every night and always stay in your playground almost everyday when I have nothing much to do during my office hours. Hehehe, I also wish the OTP can be real in life. BTW are you korean or american chinese, can i make friend with you, mind you? Best regards!

  10. I don’t know where to start at first i browse at DB but after i read negative comments there re LTM i gave that up and found u instead isn’t that a blessing now i’m always park at this payground and im having a ball I always always read ur recaps, etc esp LTM you have such a way with words most of the time it left me speechless and say aha!!!! that’s it – I just want to say ur awesome for sharing with us ur time, knowledge and talent for writing, and most of all ur generosity of heart and much much more ur one of a million God Bless You and may u always be there for us – Kdrama fanatics and addicts esp LTM HwanHye lovers all the best………..

  11. Hi Ms. Koala, I had a question because I have been watching Smile, You and am emotionally charged. My question if you would help, this is only drama, Korean society is not really like this drama, right? Anyway, thank you for having this blog, whether you answer me or not, because that felt good to release. I am such a masochist but I have to see the story through. Talking with a therapist next. LOL.

    • Smile, You is pure entertainment with very cartoonish parental figures. It’s nothing like normal Korean society. It’s like watching the gang from Dallas and wondering if maybe all Americans are like that. Or the Glee kids and thinking that’s a reflection of high school life in the US.

      95% of K-dramas have little to no resemblance to the average Korean person and behavior. If you ever want to watch a K-drama that tries to depict regular Koreans and their mundane but interesting interactions, let me know and I can recommend some. But for the most part, everything you see in K-dramas is purely scripted entertainment.

      SY is a very bad offender. It’s like finding the four worst parents in all of Korea, and then putting them in one show. All the hitting and screeching gave me a headache. I really didn’t like the drama, only watched it to the end for Jung Kyung Ho and his chemistry with Lee Min Jung. I wanted to shove her in a toilet for the first few episodes she was so annoying. Thankfully she calmed down and her performance was really lovely by the end.

      • Thank you for your very informative answer. I finished watching it yesterday. I had to pause so many times that the last five episodes took two days to watch. This wasn’t the best that I have seen but the story was great and yes LMJ and JKH had crazy chemistry. I agree that in the beginning I dislike the LMJ character so much, I almost started disliking the actress but that is great acting if you get me to believe that you really are like that.

  12. hi koala… i’ve been following you and your recaps for a while now… and i wass wondering if you are korean?…cuz even in chinese subs, they come out at least 10hrs after aired time and by that time, you’ve already written recaps… T T LOL so yeah i was just wondering if ever your not korean, where do you watch it :)

  13. I started reading…

    and I realized the writing seemed familiar…

    …i know that writing…



    When did you get all k-drama-bloggy?

    • Uhhh, it happened sometime between when you went AWOL and when you stumbled out of the woods after a one year sleep covered in twigs and leaves asking what the heck was a Secret Garden and who the heck got a girlfriend that was a Gumiho.

      As for why? Because you weren’t around to play with me. *sobs* Or more likely I just had an urge and I indulged myself. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Hugs back, dude!

  14. Love your new look sis! Clean and Cool! Please continue the way you are, always giving us the fastest news and the crumbs and tidbits you can get to whet our drama appetites. I am also most thankful to you for featuring, STILL, SMW, even with those ungrateful nuts writing nega you’ve mentioned previously. They are not just worth your time. We are always here to support you.

    Your forever fan, sistah!


  15. Koala, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I find the bluish new layout difficult visually as well. This time because it’s very busy. The paragraphs are not clearly delineated (it seems to remove the line between paragraph returns), comments run into another, etc. I really did like your layout two layouts ago. It was easy to read, clean (if a bit cutesy, but cutesy made thematic sense since this is a koala’s blog), etc. Anyhow, those are my two or three or four cents. I hope they’re helpful.

    • anais

      I really appreciate your feedback. This layout I think is the best of all worlds, with a large reading, writing space, clean comment blocks (in white with black letters for readability), and a more streamlined look. The old layout was really temporary for me (it was too cute and reading space in posts was too small), and the one I tried for a couple hours was too different and had too many readability issues. I’ll try to fiddle with the css file for this layout and see if I can fix the problems.

      [Edit: anais, I added more spacing between paragraphs in the post and comments section, so that addressed your great observation. It does look so much better now!]

  16. hi ms. koala!

    may i ask a question? i’m just wondering how you seem so perfectly bilingual with chinese and korean. i am so impressed and jealous. :)

  17. Do you accept guest bloggers? I kinda want to give it a go and I like your site. I wasn’t sure if I should email, but I figured it might easier for you to see my comment here. I’m not exactly a long time reader (I discovered your blog when Lie To Me was airing). I had no idea you were that much older than me, not like that’s an issue :). I’m curious is your more of an unni or an ahjumma. You can reply by email too :). I hope you’re enjoying you vaca!

  18. captain, why recently i cant quick open this new site?i have to try several times to open it..it just me or there is any one have same problem with me? :(

  19. Koala sis, I can’t help but drop in here and say many many thanks for introducing me to Drunken To Love You. It is soooo good! Am only up to Cup 10 by now but since I’ve already read your recaps, I just want it more badly. Plotwise, there is nothing much in it, but everything is woven so smoothly that you would get hooked easily. And by gosh, the OTP is one of the best I’ve encountered in my longest time of Asian Drama watching. Song Jie Xiu and Lin Xiao Ru are so lovable and adorable and an eye-candy. You’ve mentioned in one of the recaps that male leads should bow down to Jie Xiu, something to that effect. I cannot agree more! He’s just so handsome, so manly, and exudes that aura… ahhh I can’t explain it properly but when he is onscreen I can’t but be glued. Yes, Rainie Yang is really good, but Joseph is like his living the character himself. He’s one of the manliest man I’ve ever seen.

    One of the bestest drama, I feel so light-hearted after watching. Our OTP totally rocks! They also got a very good OST. Now, my officemates would tell me, “huh, you are not singing k-drama ost but t-drama ost as well?”.

    Thank you once again koala sis! :))

  20. Oh my dear Ms Koala. Here I am again crying on your shoulder cause I made the stupid mistake of watching SOAW. I should have followed your lead but I love Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook so much but now I have to drop it cause they tore my heart and all I can do is pray that Protect the Boss cheers me up. Didn’t I say once that I would never watch a tearjerker after MMM? Anyway, thank you for listening.
    They need to redefine Rom-Com to melodrama.

    • *HUGS*

      I am staying far far away from SOAW until its finished. I don’t have the tears for that drama right now. If you want some LDW, try My Girl. For my Sun Ah, it’s forever and always City Hall. Great dramas that will give you the fix without the tears. You can do it! I hear SOAW is lovely, despite all the tears.

      • Thanks. I watched My Girl but did not like the lead girl. I could never tell if she was smiling or crying. Tried to watch La Dolce Vita (title fail) but it was too emotional so I dropped. I went back to my fave My Lovely Sam Soon. Now I am watching the good parts of The Woman who still wants to Marry. When you finally watch SOAW, be prepared. That’s all I’m saying. Lee Dong Wook will forever make my heart melt. He is like fine wine, aged to perfection.

      • awww! sis, am watching SOAW despite… it’s just worth it, anyways, there is still PTB to cheer me up after a weekend of tears, but it ain’t always dark and gloomy there, some lovely sunshine too “_”.

      • i guess its different cause city hall had a happy ending but honestly i cried like MAD watching that series. towards the middle end when it was angsty, oh my. currently watching SOAW and the tears are definitely a flowing too but i highly recommend it! though i may think differently once it ends. lol.

  21. Hi Koala,

    Just wanted to say THANKS for all the recaps and posts. It is a lovely thing you do – especially with all you have going on in your life. Just wanted to let you know that after reading in the comments of the OHSHC posts I decided to check out Zenkai Girl – it is so, so good. I love coming to the Playground and having all the recommendations from fellow drama lovers and you are such a gracious host.


  22. Hi koala bear…. make sure to check your eucalyptus basket this morning “) Kiwi Claus is a bit happy this morning. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  23. Hi Koala!

    I think your site has been reported as an attack site on firefox. My firefox keeps marking yours as an attack site and telling me to not enter it.

  24. koaaaallaaaaaaa!!! could you please pick up your material queen recaps??? i miss them so much! i’ve read other people’s recaps on the drama but they aren’t as detailed or great as yours… T^T” * pouts*

  25. Hi Koala,

    I chanced upon your website when i was searching for episode guide for “Drunken to love you” and i just want to tell you that your drama recaps are very very well done. Every detail and conversation is very well translated. Not forgetting your witty and funny comments at times!

    I hope that you will continue to press on (though i understand that it may be tiring at times)

    Take care!

  26. Hello I’m a Design student from Puerto Rico and I’m doing a project for my university (Escuela de Artes Plรกsticas de Puerto Rico = School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rico) For my class of Publication design and I’m doing a magazine of Korean popular culture. The main point is that it will be awesome to put some of your writings in my magazine that’s is going to be call S.K. OPPA; I would give you and your website full credit, and the magazine is going to be available in ISUU.com so you can see and verify this. I’m merely asking for permission to translate some of your stories to put in my magazine. This will give your website more publicity and more people will come to it. the magazine will be in spanish and some parts in korean. I would really appreciate your help.

    you can find me in facebook to verify my identity (Moranyelie Osorio Morales)
    my age is 21
    I’m a design Student 4 year
    Most important of all (No profit is going to come out of this – this is purely a School project required for me to pass the class of Publication Design.

    • It’s called ่ฟ˜ๆ˜ฏไผš (I Still Will) and is sung by Weibird (i.e. William Wei ้Ÿ‹็ฆฎๅฎ‰), a Taiwanese singer.

      The ITWY OST is already out so you should be able to find the song.

      • ahhh so it really is only a short song. i thought it was an edited version of a full-length song. thank you for the artist name and title! SO HELPFUL!! <3 <3 <3

  27. Hey koala! Great blog. I want to subscribe to your posts via email, but for the last couple of days, when I try to subscribe in the sidebar, there are errors. Is there another way I can be added to the email list? Thanks!

  28. Sis,

    Just dropping by to say thank you for introducing me/us again to BBJX. It was a really wonderful drama. It just left me speechless… so beautiful, great acting, wonderful scenes and a really really good story. Just finished it and the tears are still fresh. This is the first C-drama i ever watch.

  29. Hi Koala…..stumbled upon your blog once accidentally… and have been a regular visitor ever since…..love the fact that you talk about Korean,Chinese , Taiwanese and Japanese drama. I was just wondering is that because you know all three languages ? (Sorry, is that a stupid question ?)
    If you really do know all three languages, God that’s AWESOME…..I mean including English you know four languages…..Cool !!!
    Hey, keep up the good work…

  30. Ms. K !!

    r we connected?? I’m watching autumn concerto for the 1st time and just wanna ask your opinion bout this drama. Understand this is one of the best T-drama kekekekek…but it’ll never be the same without ur comments…kekekek…and now the banner changing to vaness wu?? lol…

  31. Hello Koala(-bear?)!

    I just had to say how much I like your blog already, though I just discovered it. I have been looking for a blog on dramas that, in addition to Korean dramas, discusses Japanese and Taiwanese dramas as well. I am a newborn blogger, so it is very interesting to read your opinions that…well…differ from mine’s quite greatly, yet I might say I enjoy them even more because of it. Keep up the great work!

    PS: Love your name, reminds me of koala bears (duh, obviously). I’m a sucker for animals, so I couldn’t stop myself from saying it…:)

  32. Hi Koala! I love reading your blog :)

    I recently stumbled upon your wonderful recap for Tamra the Island, and immediately watched the drama. Within a week I was finished and had already bought the dvd set. I can easily say that it is one of my favorites EVER! I noticed in your recap you mentioned marriage? At the end in the little manga montage are Beo Jin and Park Kyu getting married?

    Hope to hear your reply!

  33. So Skip Beat just started airing like a week ago and I was wondering if you could recap it soon? B/c I have literally been a die-hard follower of your posts and drama recaps. Your recaps are so well written and have pictures to accompany all of them, and I think it would be so AWESOME if you were able to recap Skip Beat!! Thanks!

  34. hey koala! so happy i found ur blog, its even more fun to read than dramabeans, cus me being chinese and all. just love ur blog to death, ever since i discovered it a few weeks ago, i feel like i check ur blog almost everyday for new posts now. and thanks to ur raves about BBJX, i decided to watch it last week and fell in luuuv. haha, marathoned the whole series in 4 days n was the first mainland drama i’ve ever watched ! so GOOD. Thanks so much for sharing all ur recommendations, interesting tidbits, recaps, opinion+comments (so interesting and hilarious to read)

  35. Just a little request — could you post a link to ep 15 of Me Too Flower in the recaps please… I like to read it occasionally cuz I still love that drama to death, but have to keep paging back to find it. Thanks!!

  36. Hi Mz. Koala!

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for the drama Lie to Me starring Yoon Eun Hye. I’ve been reading your blog for almost a year now and I love it! You’ve turned me on to so many great dramas, and your translations are the best!

    I recently found the mainland drama Sealed with a Kiss starring Hawick Lau and Ying Er. I was wondering if you have watched that drama? I found the modern C-drama really great. Hawick’s acting was superb, but I found Ying Er’s acting a bit lacking and their chemistry kinda meh. However, the storyline and his overall acting was what made me stick it through. If you haven’t had a chance to see the drama yet, check it out on viki.com :)

  37. Hi Mz. Koala! While searching for some update of Yuan Hong, Liu Shi Shi, and Hu Ge dramas, I found out about Da Mo Yao and that the story is also by Tong Hua of Bu Bu Jing Xin! And soo I wanted to read the novel online,and that is how I came to your site. I am so happy (so HAPPY) to see that you made an English translation! Makes my life so much easier! I bought the BBJX books because I really enjoyed the drama, but my Mandarin skill isn’t strong enough, so I have to spend most of my time with the dictionary. I saw that someone has translated BBJX, but I’m not sure if it is completed yet. So I’m really really happy that you translated DMY! Thank you, your love for the novel and your translation has spread to me! I love BBJX and DMY! (I’ll read Yun Ge Zhong when you are done translating DMY) You stated that the YGZ is 2x longer than DMY and that you might not be able to translate all of it because it is … time consuming. Either way, if you find the time I’m sure so many people will be so happy, but if you can’t that is okay, I’ll just hope that the drama adaptation won’t disappoint.

  38. Hi Mz.Koala,
    I came across your blog three days ago and I got addicted!!!! yes! I’m stalking your blog daily . I want to thank you for your great effort in translating the books; with out you, people like me will never have a chance to enjoy great c dramas/novels. I hope you’ll continue to finish all your projects.

  39. hi miss koala! just want you to know, your blog has become my daily asian drama bible. i watch all the shows you watched, and i simply love your recaps. thanks so much.

  40. I was very very thankful for all your hard work =3
    Thank you so much for all the recaps, woah, my addiction over reading your recaps has been a part of my weekly routine. Scheduled :)))

    All I can say is that, “You’re awesome!”

    God bless you and more power! Take care!

  41. Hi, love this site. I often stalk here to get some good reviews on any dramas.Though we differ sometimes on some reviews, still I love your take on most of the dramas. Love your header today(I’m a die hard fan of the drama), though I remember that you don’t like Heartstrings. Keep on making good reviews!

  42. Hi Your Koala Highness~

    I just presenting your blog to my my whole class yesterday. It was about the authenticity of a web-site and I found our blog really suit for being authentic and entertaining! Even my lecturer give thumbs up! yippee~

    ps- I recently subscribed to your blog. I was a silent reader for about a year ;p

    Hi. I am one of those silent supporters. I am going to start posting more and more! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. I CHECK IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. Once I open my computer I just type your website automatically. It’s like how I wake up and I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth immediately.
    I love your recaps/posts about Big. You did an amazing job on analyzing the drama. I am speechless. I can’t describe it in words! It’s just…AMAZING.
    Yeah..I’m not good with words.
    Long story short: I LOVE THIS WEBSITE.

  44. Im very new here.Just want to say,your website seems to be the first for previews and recaps.
    Im so glad and happy that I found you.
    All the best to you Forever!

  45. Hey Koala!!!

    I just wanted to say that I aprreciate ur sense of humor and honesty when it comes to this blog! And that I really enjoy reading them everyday!
    I also wanted to ask if you had every thought about having a parter or someone to write along with u for the blog (maybe a different drama perspective perhaps or maybe even recapping something out of the ordinary that we never even thought about..)..I don’t know…all of the sudden I thought of that so I thought I should post it before I forget! LOL..

    Thanks for everything again Koala! Best of luck!

  46. Hello there! I check your site religiously, and I really enjoy reading your recaps. I was just wondering, which languages do you speak/understand because it seems like you don’t need subs for dramas that come out! :) I wish I understood Japanese right now for RMPW!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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