HK-actor Jackson Lai Cheats on 8-month Pregnant Wife After Caught Making Out and Eating Cake in a Car with Costar Ashley Chu

Okay, after last year 2019’s epically sordid taxi makeout cheating between top singer Andy Hui with starlet Jacqueline Wong and later forgiven by Andy’s also top singer wife Sammi Cheng, it’s like the entire HK ent should be scared straight … Continue reading

Variety Show Host Kai Le Confesses to Being One of the Third Wheels in Show Luo and Grace Chow’s Cheating Scandal

It’s been a few days and the public attention has dropped from 100000000% to like 90% heh. Still a whole lot and who can blame the Chinese-speaking media and rubbernecking fans for keeping the spotlight on Chinese instagram star and … Continue reading

CNN Indonesia Runs Incorrect Story About Kim Jong Un Near Death with Picture of Hyun Bin’s Fictional North Korean Officer in Crash Landing on You

OMG, finally something just so totally funny without anyone getting hurt. This week there was a story that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was in critical condition after surgery which was later debunked. When it was still breaking CNN … Continue reading

Show Luo Apologizes as Netizens Impressed with His Stamina and Time Management After Grace Chow’s Cheating Reveal

I don’t think mega TW-singer/actor Show Luo will have any ramifications from this cheating on his long time now ex-girlfriend Grace Chow scandal. Ultimately he just cheated on her literally every day and in multitude of ways but it’s not … Continue reading