I don’t have a single ounce of header-making ability. But somewhere along the way, I made friends who have shared their talent at making exquisite headers with me, and AKP became a glorious place with gorgeous headers left and right brightening up every post.

AKP Header Contributors (in no particular order, and updated constantly – if you send me a header, I am forever indebted to your generosity):










Attached are the links to the first two posts I made on AKP headers. All future headers can be found on this page in the comments section (hopefully).  :-D




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  1. Since you don’t recap Bridal Mask/ Gaksital, I thought that you wouldn’t accept Gaksital headers but I just recently saw one on here so I thought that maybe I could give you one of mines. I had this one saved on my computer from before and so I added “A Koala’s Playground” to it and now I’m giving it to you hehe ^.^ BTW- I love ur recaps!!! <3 <3 I made a BIG header before but it turned out horrible because I was this new to making editing pictures but now I know how to photoshop (a little bit :P) so this one is a teeny bit better cauz it actually looks good :D Hope you like it!

  2. RMPM Ep 3

    The color palette they are using is very strange – everything is golden and dark.
    It makes for very cool and compelling moving pictures, but scary, almost threatening stills.
    Shun, instead of looking mysterious and pensive, looks murderous.
    I have been playing with the RGB levels to see if I can get around this.
    Maybe TMI, but there you are…

  3. Adding on to the RMPW fever!!!! ehehehe


    thanks for introducing me to Oguri Shun!! AHH He’s sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m going through the second phase* of fangirling. lol

    *6 stages of fangirling
    1. discovery
    “who is that sex god and why haven’t i noticed him before”
    2. research
    “i have to find out everything about him omg what is his full name what is his birthday do you think he has a wife does he have children does he like jam does he like cats i wonder what photos there are of him is he even real omg”
    3. obsession
    “i love him so much omg what you like him too no you can’t have him he’s mine no i must collect everything relevant to him i need it all he’s mine MINE”
    4. plotting
    “hello google can i have a recipe for the strongest love potion in the world thank you or can you just give me a list of ways to successfully seduce a man that’d be great”“
    5. depression
    “i hate you you’ve ruined my entire life why are you so perfect why don’t you know me why does everything suck omg my life is over and it’s all your fault”
    6. acceptance
    “i have accepted that i will never know you but i will continuously love you and i am okay with that”

  4. RMPW Episode 5- http://i1240.photobucket.com/albums/gg486/kimluvvee/RMPPW-1.jpg?t=1344291682
    I think this episode was a major turning point for both Hyuga and Yoko’s Brother (IDK his name.) Hyuga started to realize a little bit that he might like Makoto cauz he was always staring at her and trying to run away =P and I think Yoko’s Brother has finally hit the point where he wants to be in control- I’m not sure cauz I watched it raw and didn’t fully understand it but while the whole office was in chaos, the brother was smiling and it seemed like he did it in order to damage Hyuga ??

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