New BTS Stills of the WOC Teams in The King 2 Hearts Plus Swoony Kissing Tidbit

Huh? Someone be saying something? I had to actually shake my head around to get it out of the clouds where it drifted after I saw the latest gif from another angle of the upcoming engagement party kiss between Jae Ha and Hang Ah in The King 2 Hearts. The C-netizens really were right in saying this drama might as well change its name to The King 2 Hands. Before we get to squealing over the kiss gif at the bottom of this post, some new BTS pictures have emerged of Team USA and Team Korea palling around at the beach. Despite a bit of clunkiness and a lot of cringeworthy dialogue, I reckon it must’ve been fun to participate in a mock war game even if it was for a drama. Or at least Lee Seung Gi looks like he personally is having a blast. Honestly, that boy can do no wrong in my eyes anymore. He smiles and I melt. He kisses……and my knees buckle, and he’s not even kissing me! Ha Ji Won, you lucky lucky lady. Continue reading

New Couple Alert as Love Forward Leads Amber Kuo and Tony Yang Confirm Dating Rumors

While I found TW-drama Love Forward  really really boring and checked out after a few episodes, I did think the cast had great chemistry. I just didn’t like any of the characters, and found the story strangely odd and dull. The ratings for the drama is literally stagnant at around 2.5 (nowhere near Office Girls 5 and higher), which is decent enough and by far the leader of all the Sunday dramas. I actually think this is by far the best drama airing in the bunch, but that’s not saying much. On a happier note, LF has now produced a new RL couple in Amber Kuo and Tony Yang, and in the drama they also play a couple. They are really cute together, I love their chemistry, and they’ve now gone public and confirmed the relationship after rampant speculation that they were dating since the drama started filming. Congrats to the happy couple, and have cute pictures of them after the jump. Continue reading

Runway Cop Holds Hilariously Awkward Movie Press Conference

The level of epic FAIL and sheer absurdity in the press conference by the cast of the upcoming comedy movie Runway Cop (Korean title Detective Cha) almost made me topple off my chair and snort inelegantly. It appears that the production held a mock runway show and had the male leads prance around in character (or pretending to be random male super models), all dressed and made up like they were auditioning for the Korean version of Twilight. Kang Ji Hwan looks dreadful, Sung Yuri needs to cut out the aegyo poses, and the supporting cast collectively needs to be rescued from this crazy joint. I hope the movie is as least entertaining, because even looking at this press conference gave me a headache from laughing too hard at it. Sobs, give me back my normal Ji Hwan now! Continue reading

Fan Video of the Engagement Party Kiss in The King 2 Hearts

I appreciate The King 2 Hearts for being more than just a simple love story, with a genuine sincerity about addressing issues of responsibility, maturity, loyalty, and faith. There are tons of bumps here and there (Secretary Eun letting slip Anmyungdo for a Beatles record, the useless royal guards, and the most recent cringeworthy portrayal of Team USA as racist jackasses), but I find the heart of the story still going strong. Jae Ha, with his faults and weaknesses, is such a compelling hero because he’s not like honorable Jae Kang and requires us to root for him to overcome odds as we put faith in him to succeed. The last two episodes of TK2H was dense with action, so it’s nice to get a glimpse of some OTP cute moments to come. Presenting the fan camera video from the upcoming engagement party where the King and Queen kissed for their subjects. Get ready to swoon. Continue reading

Song Seung Heon and Jaejoong Don Sageuk Garb in Time Slip Dr. Jin

I”m sorry. The incongruity of a sageuk-dressed Song Seung Heon holding a stethoscope has me chortling with mirth. I think he looks puuuurfect in sageuk garb, minus the super cocky posture and head tilt. But I guess it makes sense since he’s supposed to be a super cocky surgeon from the modern times transported back to save Joseon era patients who need surgery. In addition to Song Seung Heon wearing sageuk clothes for the first time, Jaejoong also revealed his costume in Time Slip Dr. Jin, which is hilariously a picture of him sitting down sipping orange juice from a straw. Now all I need is a first peek at Lee Bum Soo in sageuk clothes to make my happiness complete. Park Min Young and Lee So Yeon have done sageuks before so I know they will naturally look suitably lovely in their hanboks. Continue reading

Yun Zhong Ge Chapter 22: Two Shadows in the Window

I don’t really like leads who avoid confrontation and don’t demand explanation. I concede Yun Ge is sheltered and really naive, and when faced with disappointment and heartbreak her first instinct is to flee. But that bothered me because she’s got to face Meng Jue eventually, and its better if she told him off rather than take off. Her mommy Yu Er does so much better in that department, as she pretty much pestered Jiu Ye until the very end when she had no choice but to take no for an answer. Either Yun Ge really ends it with Meng Jue properly so she can start anew with Ling gege, or if she still had feelings for Meng Jue, then she might as well try to work through their issues and maybe learn to forgive his deception because ultimately he fell in love with her and is choosing her. Tong Hua writes so little of Ling gege yet I can almost say with certainty his personality is very crystal clear. If Yun Ge went back to Meng Jue, he’d be the first person to wish her well and give her back her shoe, because he loves for her to be happy more than himself. I don’t see that in Meng Jue, which is why I prefer Ling gege for her. Continue reading

C-drama Bride with White Hair with Nicky Wu and Ma Su Commences Filming

Whether or not the purported sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin is a go or he’s even in it, Nicky Wu isn’t stopping for a minute in his back-to-back-to-back drama filming. He’s about to start filming his third drama since wrapping BBJX last year, and it’s his first time returning to the wuxia genre since he was the titular Xiao Shiyilang in drama adaptation of the Gu Long wuxia novel back in 2002. When asked if he’s still confident he can be as shuai ten years later in wuxia garb, Nicky laughed and says he’ll try, but since his character of Zhuo Yi Hang is older already than most wuxia male leads, he think he can pull it off. Playing the titular Bride with White Hair (though in truth a literal translation of the novel title would be White-haired Demon Woman Chronicles) is C-actress Ma Su, and Lu Wu from BBJX returns here to play a girl who has an unrequited love for Nicky’s character. This story is a famous wuxia novel, so y’all can go Google your way to the story and don’t need me to summarize it. It’s pretty lovelorn, and not one of my faves, but I’m game to check it out, especially since I love Nicky and he’s also producing this drama. Continue reading