Alice in Wonder City with Aaron Yan Gets Timeslot Following I Love You So Much on CTS

Dang it! Now imma going to have watch this sucker. I Love You So Much is about to wrap up in 2 weeks in what might be a trainwreck of an ending to a trainwreck of a drama. CTS decided the drama made no sense anyway so ran a viewer voting contest to decide whether the leading lady ends up with the lead or second male lead. Guess what? Second male lead played by Nick Chou ran away with the voting (80% to Blue Lan’s 20%), so apparently Ivelyn Lee‘s character is going to break tradition and end up with the guy who is way too good for her.

In cheerier news, up next for CTS is Alice in Wonder City (給愛麗絲的奇蹟 translated directly as Give Alice a Miracle) starring Aaron Yan, Lara Veronin (her father is Russian-American and her mother Taiwanese), and Xiu Jie Kai. While I have zero hopes for Alice, I do like how pretty the drama looks from the stills and previews, plus all the Sunday dramas currently suck so badly I need a new word for that level of complete suckitude. Which is my way of saying, Alice has really small shoes to fill, and if it doesn’t drive me nuts, then maybe I’ll finally have Sunday TW-drama back on my roster. Continue reading

First Look at A Gentleman’s Dignity with Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul

Dayum, that’s a nice foursome of real men in suits. The upcoming weekend Kim Eun Sook-penned drama A Gentleman’s Dignity has been quietly and nonchalantly filming for the past month but hasn’t yet started gathering pre-premiere traction in terms of viewer interest. I suppose recent K-drama watchers are just so far removed from the heyday of Jang Dong Gun‘s last drama (that would be All About Eve back in 2000 with Chae Rim and Kim So Yeon) that the enormity of his return to television might not be understood. I suppose the only analogy might be if George Clooney decided to make a Marc Cherry drama called Desperate Husbands for ABC. I’m totally checking this out for the four male leads, as the drama revolves around four forty-something men and their love trials and tribulations. Joining Jang Dong Gun is Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk. And if anyone cares, the leading ladies are Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Se Ah (both of whom have done Kim Eun Sook dramas before, with Yoon Se Ah doing her third go-around as the second female lead in a Kim Eun Sook drama). Bringing all the currently released stills for the drama, which looks mighty dapper in the men’s department. Oh, and I’ve heard that one CN Blue member is also in this drama. AGD premieres Mary 26th on SBS. Continue reading

Previews for The King 2 Hearts Episode 13

On the upside, I finally made it past the weekend. On the downside, there are three more weeks to go. As much as I watch tons of dramas from all the major Asian countries (and write about them), there is nothing as enthralling and exhilarating as following a live K-drama which is knocking it out of the park on all fronts. The once-a-week schedule for J-doramas and TW-dramas means too little material is released every week, while C-dramas are mostly crap with a tiny needle in the haystack chance of finding something decent, much less exceptional. Right now I am seriously basking in Koala drama Heaven, and its all thanks to The King 2 Hearts. Based on the preview, looks like Hang Ah and Jae Ha are going to be working together to bring down Bong Gu (yes!) and Shi Kyung will start getting closer to learning about his daddy’s shady ways. Poor Shi Kyung, I’m sure there are plenty of ladies waiting to comfort you when that time comes. Continue reading

Kolon Sports Summer 2012 Print Ads Featuring Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Jung

At least no one can accuse me of suddenly posting about Lee Seung Gi all the time because of my The King 2 Hearts addiction, since I have proof that I’ve posted about the boy many times before. Case in point, last year I showcased his Kolon Sports endorsement with Lee Min Jung, which I found very suitably outdoorsy and actually got me wanting to get off my arse and do write less and head outside more. Looks like they are a winning sports couple for the brand because Kolon Sports has continued with their pairing for the 2012 campaign, and the most recent pictures for the Summer collection has just been released. While Lee Seung Gi is currently doing TK2H with Ha Ji Won, Lee Min Jung isn’t just lazing about either, as she’s already started filming the upcoming Big with Gong Yoo, which is slated to premiere on KBS following Love Rain. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two do a drama together, but for now, I’m continuing to bask in the awesome that is Seung Gi and Ji Won in TK2H, while getting revved up for Min Jung to slay me with Gong Yoo in Big. Until then, have some sporty pics of them. Continue reading

Yun Zhong Ge Chapter 21: One Year Promise (Part II)

I honestly can say that Yun Zhong Ge is a difficult read. The characters are so multifaceted that its hard to take sides without also feeling something tugging from the other end. In essence, we are all Yun Ge, stuck between a perfect guy and a compelling guy. I confess that one of my gripes about the novel is that I think Tong Hua is a leading writer (as I think she did in Da Mo Yao as well), which is she does direct the resolution of emotional knots in a way that skews towards her preferences. I would say that its realistic for Yun Ge to be unable to open herself up to Ling gege right away, because she was genuinely madly in love with Meng Jue. Nor is Meng Jue an easy guy to get over. But I enjoy watching Yun Ge and Ling gege reconnect in ways beyond the romantic, as they really are lonely kindred spirits who bonded so quickly as children not just for the sake of the story, but in a way that felt so touching and extraordinary. To see the extent of which they just “get” each other makes me believe in all those platitudes about meant to be. Continue reading

The King 2 Hearts WOC Update Plus the International Fan Tribute Video

After the barrage of spoilers from last week’s filming of the upcoming engagement party for Hang Ah and Jae Ha in The King 2 Hearts, news bits have naturally mellowed out again while we wait for Wednesday to roll back around. There is a brand new spoiler picture of Hang Ah, Jae Ha, and Kang Seok dressed in military gear (see above) which makes it clear that Team WOC is either back in training or actually competing in the WOC coming up. Word around DC is that Shi Kyung will end up not participating in the WOC, and I think that’s true since he wasn’t in any of the WOC spoiler pics I posted last week. Don’t take it as an ominous sign, I’m thinking he’s probably off doing something with Jae Shin or more take down Club M covert operations. While we’re twiddling our thumbs until episode 13 arrives, I wanted to give a shout out to the dedicated and passionate fans around the world who have fallen head over heels for TK2H and undertook a daunting project over at Soompi’s TK2H thread. Fans submitted entries detailing their love for this drama, and it was compiled into an amazing video tribute to the cast and crew of our beloved drama. Enjoy the video! Continue reading

Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki Reunite for Fuji Camera CF

I’m always lamenting how K-dramas shy away from reuniting actors who have created unforgettable OTPs in another project, but the same lament goes for the even rarer instances where actors have created unforgettable bromances that might even have stolen a drama or two from the OTP. Case in point would be Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In, who were the only reason I stuck around in Sungkyunkwan Scandal as long as I did. As Yeo Rim and Geol Oh, the pretty one and the rebellious one, they pretty much added all the fire and spice that was missing from the plain vanilla OTP in that drama. I love how much they cared about each other as friends (even with all the wink wink Yeo Rim really loves Geol Oh jokes aplenty), and how they found something reassuring and admirable in each other. Plus its undeniable that Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In had smoking chemistry with each other, in the non-romantic way, of course. Fuji is smartly reuniting them to shill for its new camera, so here is a sneak peek at the upcoming CF. Continue reading