Entertainer Makes it Hip to be Square in Official Drama Posters

There’s a wonderfully comforting vibe about Entertainer and it’s not something easily explainable. I just get the feels with the teasers and stills, and now the official drama posters seal the deal. Love, love, love the slightly retro colors and a square sentiment around it. Ji Sung looks so earnest as the fallen music man trying to reclaim his industry success with an unknown new band led by high school outcast Kang Min Hyuk. At least we know the onscreen music playing will be legit.

Hyeri looks like she walked out of Answer Me 1988 but not in a bad way since she was quite decent in there, I just don’t know if she will showcase improvement or continue to deliver the same. Perpetual second female lead Chae Jung Ahn proves since Prime Minister and I that she’s awesome when her character doesn’t suck and here I hope she gets her own strong story line, and in fact I hope all the leads have interesting stories to share rather than falling into the trap of romantic conundrums. The drama premieres this Wednesday taking over for the recently finished Please Come Back Ahjusshi. Continue reading