A Pink Member Namjoo Trending Over K-portals After Debuting Very Different Face

This is like watching a slow motion train wreck in GIF form and being unable to look away. The K-ent search engines and news portals lit up a few days ago in unison after girl group A Pink made a media appearance and member Namjoo appeared looking completely and objectively awful. It wasn’t bad makeup or outfit, it was a noticeable new facial features and ones that did not look good on the poor girl. Plastic surgery should be to look better and poor Namjoo looked like a reconstructed accident victim rather than a willing participant seeking enhancement. Her fans are trying but find it hard to deny the whole new look, and her agency is doing her no favors by releasing “no comment” responses and then accusing K-netizens of bullying her by their opinion on her new looks. Since she’s an entertainer her looks are part of the package and good or bad it’s going to be a discussion topic. This reminds me of the Park Bom situation all over again, I hope Namjoo stops now and is happy with her current looks. Continue reading