Aaron Yan Goes Solo Camping in the Pages of Cosmopolitan Taiwan

It’s a treat adoring an entertainer like Aaron Yan since he always has something to offer. He’s basically active all year round split between his acting and singing career. The former was pretty shaky when he first dipped a toe in but has since seen marked improvement that is less future award winning acting god and more delivering the emotional goods while looking really handsome onscreen. That may sound like contradictory praise but I really do like his brand of self-aware earnest appeal. Continue reading

Beatrice Fang and Yang Ming Wei Tie the Knot with SETTV Drama Stars Galore in Attendance

The star weddings coming out of Taiwan and China these past few years have been heading in the more and more extravagant direction, and that may all be thanks to megastar Jay Chou‘s English castle wedding to Hannah Quinlivan starting … Continue reading

SETTV Holds Lunar New Year Party with Plenty of Star Power Attendance

It’s Lunar New Year on February 19th this year, much later than the usual early February or late January dates during most years. That’s because the Lunar calender only has 30 days in every month so after a few years … Continue reading