TW-star Aaron Yan Gets Outed by Spurned Ex-boyfriend and Apologizes for Personal Life Complications

I feel so so bad for TW actor-singer Aaron Yan because having his personal life plastered all over the tabloids because of a jealous ex is the worst kind of privacy airing revenge for a celebrity. That Aaron is likely gay is one of the most open secrets in Taiwan ent and tabloids for the last decade have openly written that Aaron was dating/very close friends with Ah Ben, another idol from a not as famous group. The two reportedly broke up for good in 2016 after Aaron strayed one too many times (also tabloid fodder), but since then the two have stayed good friends and Ah Ben has been seen walking Aaron’s dog and house sitting when Aaron is away for work, plus Ah Ben has never confirmed the relationship or said a single bad thing about Aaron.

Not so with an unknown dude A who sent pictures to a tabloid this week showing Aaron kissing different men, with A claiming he dated Aaron for the last year and believed it was exclusive but later found out Aaron was dating two other different guys and then Aaron broke up with him. A is pissed and wants to out Aaron as a cheater. Aaron’s agency responded that this news was clearly leaked to attack Aaron and the pictures have no date stamp and are from different non-overlapping time periods. Aaron himself released a statement apologizing for not handling his personal affairs properly and causing this mess. I feel awful for Aaron because no one deserves to be outed by a vengeful ex, even if Aaron cheated that’s between them and his sexual orientation which Aaron has never confirmed should not be used as weapon. Continue reading

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Beatrice Fang and Yang Ming Wei Tie the Knot with SETTV Drama Stars Galore in Attendance

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