Aaron Yan Posts Fear of Paparazzi After Article on Him Going to Movie With Male Friend

K-ent and netizens have added to the pressures that have driven many K-stars to end their lives so its not like entertainment journalists don’t know that there could be a consequence to their writing. TW-actor Aaron Yan posted this week on yet another paparazzi intrusion into his life when he was photographed going to the movie with male friend Ah Ben. It’s true that paps have been insinuating the two have been dating since 8 years ago when they were photographed hanging out multiple times on date like outings but honestly Taiwan is so open about same sex relationships no one cares at this point. So Aaron rightfully points out on several posts on his SNS that he’s just living his life with nothing to hide – going out, with a friend, seeing a movie, and yet he feels so scared and violated to learn paps have been staking him out for two months and he can go to no one for help not even the authorities. He basically ended with “I’m living my life, bothering no one, but today I’m scared of going home.” That is not right no matter if the person is a public figure or not. I’m 100% supportive of stars having the right to their private lives. Continue reading

Fond Remembrance of the Taiwan Idol Drama Actors of the 2000’s Era

Maybe it’s the fall weather and the recent seismic shift in Asian drama viewing options but I’m in a nostalgic mood and one of the classic eras that passed naturally was the Taiwan idol dramas of the 2000s. Starting from … Continue reading

Beatrice Fang and Yang Ming Wei Tie the Knot with SETTV Drama Stars Galore in Attendance

The star weddings coming out of Taiwan and China these past few years have been heading in the more and more extravagant direction, and that may all be thanks to megastar Jay Chou‘s English castle wedding to Hannah Quinlivan starting … Continue reading