Second Teaser for About Time Reveals the Lee Sung Kyung’s Time Clock Ability in Digital Form

The vast majority of the time when K-drama stylists effectively deliver an awful hairstyle it’s on the female lead. Upcoming tvN romance About Time had me visually triggered a bit in the first teaser and now in the second teaser it’s clear why. Male lead Lee Sang Yoon has been saddled with an awful hairstyle, maybe the style itself isn’t objectively terrible like a bowl cut per se but it looks really bad on him. It makes for the visuals of him with female lead Lee Sung Kyung rather incompatible together. Other than that I like the two leads being cast together and find the story about a woman who can see other people’s life clocks ticking down interesting, especially when she meets a man who makes her clock stop. I wonder if he stops her time or being around him makes her ability go away. I hope Lee Sang Yoon’s character gets a different hairstyle during the drama so I can focus on the plot rather than wanting to gel his hair. Continue reading