Absolute Darling Releases Official Stills of the First Meeting Between the Lady and Her Robot Boyfriend

After luxuriating in two back-to-back awesome TW-dramas this year, I sometimes forgot how much TW-productions love to sensationalize media-worthy nuggets of promotional material. GTV released a batch of official stills from its filming of Absolute Darling, starring Jiro Wang and Gu Hye Sun. Why oh why am I not surprised that the stills are all of the money-making scene when Night comes out of the box in his birthday suit and lands on top of Riko.

Adorable Jiro had to wear something akin to a nude diaper to shoot the scene, and he confessed to being way more self-conscious than Gu Hye Sun, who was totally calm, cool, and collected. Jiro’s sacrifice might be worth it, because they look very way cute together in that awkward uncomfortable way. Continue reading