China’s Most Anticipated Boy Band Idol Group FFC-Acrush Turns Out to Be Five Handsome Androgynous Girls

A new idol group is about to debut in China and the five members looked sourced exactly from the EXO/BTS/WINNER playbook. From the stylish male cuts artfully mussed, dressed in varying looks of street punk, rococo, and even grunge, soon to debut FFC-Acrush has already amassed over 900,000 followers on Weibo and growing. Their fans have been following their training and pre-debut activities since forming in September of 2016 after their management company undertook a nationwide search for 5 girls who with music talent who could pass for flower boys. The five are in their early twenties to late teens and have been dressing as boys since before their selection to Acrush. I’m actually floored at this groundbreaking development coming out of China and find it super cool and fun, with the group explaining that their concept is breaking boundaries and embracing freedom to be themselves. Continue reading