Mike He and Ady An’s Pig Farm Heiress Rom-com Go, Single Lady Unexpectedly Drops July 6th

Folks ask me all the time when so-and-so prefilmed C-drama will air and honestly its a big unknown with tentative air dates often getting moved around. With that said, sometimes a network randomly shoehorns in an airing at the last minute, and that’s what likely happened with Zhejiang Network‘s premiere on July 6th of the drama Go, Single Lady (Chinese title 真愛遇到他 Zheng Ai Yu Dao Ta which means True Love Met Him) which has the original title of 上流俗女 (Shang Liu Shu Nu translated at Crass Upper Class Lady). With all the drama title changes, the best way to remind folks of this drama is to refer to it as the Mike HeAdy An pig farmer drama. Yup, it’s the collaboration Taiwan-Chinese rom-com where Ady plays the rich daughter of a countryside pig farm magnate who despairs of his daughter ever getting married and joining the upper crust. Mike He is the rich arrogant spoiled chaebol heir who loses his fortune overnight and ends up taking a job transforming Ady into a lady and in the process falling for her.

There is also a cute miniature pig that plays Ady’s beloved pet in this drama. I actually loved the long preview which hits all my funny and sweet spots, with Mike looking great and Ady rocking as the feisty proud loudmouth heiress. Go, Single Lady is getting a good boost as it follows in the ratings hit tormented melodrama Loving, Never Forgetting with Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya. That drama raked in the viewers even though it’s truly awful, I confess to being addicted despite mostly watching in bemusement. I like the switching up of a melo with a rom-com and Mike and Ady are a refreshing combination that might end up being another win for the network this Summer. The supporting cast consists of singer-actor Shin, C-actor Fu Xing Bo, and singer-actress Xian Zi, with the leading theme song from Mike’s Bull Fighting costar Hebe Tian with the hit track “Forever Love” off her last album. For those waiting for this drama, it’s already here so uh….surprise?!? Continue reading

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