TW-actress Ady An’s Millionaire Businessman Husband Reported Arrested by Macau Police on Allegations of Illegal Gambling and Money Laundering

It’s not a good new year for TW-actress Ady An as the news cycle has hit her in a negative way. This weekend all the Chinese-speaking newspapers are reporting that Ady’s 49-year old non-celeb rich businessman husband Levo Chen (Chen Rong Lian) was arrested by the Macau police along with another business man on allegations of illegal gambling and money laundering. This is clearly part of the greater Chinese government crackdown on the rich and famous’ misconduct and/or law breaking in order to tighten control, and this arrest in particular is said to be part of the November 2021 arrest 11 businessman in Macau accused of running a cross-border gambling syndicate and online gambling and laundering the money.

The biggest name from that arrest is billionaire HK businessman Alvin Chao best known in the entertainment industry for having model-actress Mandy Lieu as his mistress and situating her in London and having four kids with her, all the while his rich legal wife refused to divorce him and also had a kid with him and last year sued Mandy to get back all the monies and property that Alvin gifted her. Juicy! Anyhoo, the Macau police has not confirmed the Chen named businessman arrested was indeed Levo Chen but all the newspapers are saying insiders have confirmed it is him, similar to when Kai Ko was arrested years ago in Beijing for smoking pot and the police never identified him but C-ent got their down low sources. Breaking the law in China is considerably more serious since the penalties are in general more severe with a lot more crimes even getting death penalties that are not elsewhere in the world. I hope Ady and her two kids come out of this unscathed if indeed all of these allegations are true.

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