Jung Kyung Ho Makes a Comedic Cameo in Webtoon Drama After School Bokbulbok

You have no idea how happy and relieved I am to come across Jung Kyung Ho news. The last I heard of him, Cruel City (Heartless City) was ending in a torrent of tears while leading man Jung Kyung Ho was off to recover and rehab from a serious back injury sustained towards the latter part of the grueling filming for the noir thriller drama. I wasn’t expecting to hear from him so it’s a double treat to see that he’s doing well and doing a hilarious cameo in the webtoon drama After School Bokbulbok (which translates to Random Stuff After School). Starring Kim So Eun, the drama is a high school mission-oriented harmless fluff produced by entertainment company Fantagio to launch its first idol boy group 5urprise (pronounced Surprise). Kim So Eun is Fantagio’s popular young-aged actress so she’s the perfect person to lend her hoobae’s a hand and help out her own agency’s expansion endeavors into the music world. So it should come as no surprise (har har) that Jung Kyung Ho is also a member of Fantagio hence the cameo. In fact, the webtoon is bursting at the gills with cameos from pretty much every Fantagio actor or actress making this a group effort for all. In addition to Jung Kyung Ho, expect to see Yum Jung Hwa, Kim Sung Soo, Joo Sang Wook, Jung Kyeo Woon, Kim Young Ae, and many others from the agency randomly showing up for a twirl. Kim So Eun plays a timid high school girl that starts to come out of her shell when she joins an after school club that includes the five members of the group playing her high school classmates. She engages in various missions in each episode and becomes more outgoing. For Jung Kyung Ho’s particular cameo, he plays a pharmacist that Kim So Eun goes to buy constipation medicine from and embarrassment ensues. After spending two months with Jung Kyung Ho playing The Doctor’s Son Jung Shi Hyun, it’s a bit jarring to see him revert to his more typical goofy onscreen persona here. Seeing him up and about and doing this cameo is an encouraging sign that he’s mostly or all recovered from his back injury. I can’t wait to see him in another drama leading role, hopefully sooner rather than later. Continue reading