Then and Now is a Reversal of Fortunes for Yoon Shi Yoon and Ahn Hee Yeon in Drama Stills for You Raise Me Up

The title for upcoming streaming platform Waave drama You Raise Me Up initially had me in stitches but not actually has deeper meaning. Of course on the surface it’s about a physical reaction, hopefully elicited by pretty urology doctor played by Ahn Hee Yeon to her patient and also former high school crush Yoon Shi Yoon when she treats him for erectile dysfunction. But then their change in circumstances from high school era – where she seems uncertain and he’s the confident one – to adulthood when she’s a successful doctor and he’s still taking entrance exams to start his career could mean that they each took/will take turns to raise the other person up. Two successful people or two equally down people sometimes just can’t do more than get each other’s situation but it’s the opposites that can help the needier one get out of a rut.

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