tvN Drama Mouse is Off to a Shaky Serial Killer Chase Premise as First Two Episodes Brings in 4.948% and 4.044% Ratings

Every time there is a Lee Seung Gi drama I’m on pins and needles hoping my boy picked well and doesn’t end up with a narrative stinker. His recently premiered tvN drama Mouse comes with high critical pedigree from the screenwriter of God’s Gift: 14 Days and Black and a lofty premise not just on catching a serial killer but digging into the psyche and questioning whether it’s morally right to terminate a fetus in-utero if it carries the psychopath gene. The drama premiered this week and honestly I’m underwhelmed, it feels like a trick pony around that serial killer gene conceit and timing wise is unfortunate to premiere after Beyond Evil with the same is-he-the-killer question around the male lead.

The drama also makes Lee Seung Gi’s character a total sweet bumbling local cop type, almost TOO good, and then the promos tells us that child actor prodigy Kim Kang Hoon is playing the younger Lee Seung Gi and that boy’s character so far appears to be totally a psycho even from a young age. So there’s also that, the Taecyeon in Vincenzo dork to real baddie twist here (maybe?), and if not then there is so much build up just to jerk audiences around. So far Ahn Jae Wook steals the show, casting 90’s nice guy heartthrob as the unrepentant born serial killer was a stroke of genius, he’s beyond frightening. The rest of the characters aren’t connecting with me either and I fault the drama for trying too hard to be edgy and not enough spent on building the foundational aspects. It’s too early to tell though, for my loves I try to do 6 episodes if not 4 if it’s really bad, so I hope the drama really picks up next week. So far – just okay.

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