Long Preview for Blood Mashes Together Vampire Mystery and Medical Dramatics

Whatever upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Blood has up its sleeve, be it hot mess or watchable entertainment, the long 6-minute preview at least kept my interest. It wasn’t always in a good way, but there was enough juicy thumbs up bits to merit my inclination to check it out. I hope the narration is cut or at least kept to a minimum, voice overs are always a tricky device to wield and too easy to overuse. I find the tidbits of scenes from the previous generation the best part: Ji Jin Hee is killing it (pun intended) as the thirsty for power antagonist while the backstory of Ahn Jae Hyun‘s male lead is nicely plotted with his parents dying at the hands of a megalomaniac while putting the vampire virus into their son and “gifting” him with the powers of not aging, super strength, a craving for blood, and a fear of the morning sun. The downside are all the scenes with the two leads and at the hospital, Gu Hye Sun‘s character already grates and the dramatic medical consult and surgery scenes basically give me traumatic flashbacks to Dr. Stranger. Oy vey. I’m going to make sure I’m not drinking any hot liquids when watching the first episode come Monday.  Continue reading