Along With the Gods Rockets into Top 10 Highest Grossing K-movies of All Time in 4th Spot

Wowsers does this movie have legs, or movie-going audience eyeballs judging from the box office. For the first time in two years a K-movie has entered the top 10 highest grossing Korean movies of all time list, at current standing the fantasy movie Along With the Gods has just over 13 million tickets sold placing it 4th on the list. That’s amazing, and it’s just a few hundred thousands away from overtaking Veteran in 3rd place, and may even gross more than Ode to My Father with 14.2 million tickets. The number 1 grossing K-movie remains far and away The Admiral: Roaring Currents at over 17 million so it’s unlikely Gods can hit that number, but this is an incredible feat and great news for the cast and crew as part 2 of the movie is coming this summer. Congrats to the cast of Ha Jung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, Joo Ji Hoon, and Kim Hyang Gi. Continue reading

Star-studded Cast of Fantasy Death K-movie Along With the Gods Holds Press Conference

The year end holiday season will have a star-studded big-budget K-movie to look forward to, and hopefully end the Korean box office for 2017 on a high note. Fantasy death movie Along With the Gods (Two Worlds) is adapted from … Continue reading