Popular Singapore Actor Aloysius Pang Passes Away at 28 After Tragic Military Training Accident in New Zealand

I’m a little late with the post on the recent passing of Singaporean actor Aloysius Pang but I’m not familiar with him and it’s hard to write such a heavy story to start off the new year. Child actor turned young leading man Aloysius Pang was off on a three week mandatory training with the Singapore military in New Zealand in early January and during one of the training exercises was fatally wounded by a falling part on a tank. He was only 28 years old and already wildly popular in Singapore as part of the crew of young leading men making their mark in the industry.

He was rushed to the hospital and despite surgeries and top medical care was unable to recover and passed away four days later. The full military honors funeral for Aloysius was hold four days ago on January 27th attended by family, friends, and throngs of fans. This news has gripped Singapore entertainment media for the past two weeks and also involves the postmortem outing of Aloysius’s secret three year relationship with fellow Singapore actress and frequent costar Jayley Woo who was rightfully devastated as the two were talking marriage in the next few years. Rest in peace to this young man and condolences to those who loved him. Continue reading