Character Posters for Epic 3D Movie L.O.R.D. Showcases Huge Chinese Acting Cast

C-writer/producer Guo Jingming has been flying high for well over a decade in C-ent, thanks to popular novels and later adaptations into even more popular hits like the Tiny Times movie series. His first novel Ice Fantasy is currently getting a C-drama adaptation with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song, but the bigger attention is focused on his self-produced 3D motion capture movie L.O.R.D. (Legend of the Ravaging Dynasties), with a collection of big name stars to wow even the most jaded fan. Fan Bing Bing, Yang Mi, Kris (formerly EXO), Amber Kuo, William Chan, Airif Lee (Li Zhi Ting) Roy Wang (of TFBoys), Yan Yi KuanLin Kun, Gui Gui, Bea Hayden, Wang Duo, and many more, the movie is the first Asian fantasy 3D movie akin to Avatar, with the famous faces cast in the movie doing the full stop motion acting required to turn their faces and acting into computer generated images. The story sounds a lot like the kids show Avatar: The Last Airbender, with the nations split into four kingdoms of fire, ice, water, and earth, with people possessing the various powers to certain degrees. Not much else is known about the plot but the visuals so far are certainly eye-catching. Continue reading

Spate of High Profile Star Couple Breakups Hit the Chinese Entertainment Industry


It’s been a bad last few weeks for the dating star couples in Chinese entertainment. These things typically come in waves, with the dating news bundled up followed later with a spate of breakups. The biggest breakup news lighting up the Chinese … Continue reading

Taiwan Stars Bring the Glamour for the 2014 SETTV Drama Awards

It’s a bit of a downer to feel so nonchalant about the Taiwan idol dramas of 2014. SETTV dumped a lot of drama hours but overall the buzz seems to have died down. Despite producing one of my all-time faves … Continue reading

The Best of TW Acting Talent on Display at the Gorgeous 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards

The 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards totally snuck up on me when it flooded all the TW-ent media portals this weekend with picspam galore. The TW-version of the Emmy’s celebrated the great television programs and performances of 2014 and most of the … Continue reading

Winners and Star-studded Red Carpet at the 50th Anniversary Golden Horse Awards in Taipei

Two major Asian film awards took place this weekend, there was the Blue Dragon Film Awards celebrating Korean cinema held in Seoul, and further South in Taipei the annual Golden Horse Film Awards feted the Chinese-language movies of 2013. It … Continue reading

Vic Zhou Wins Best Actor at the 2013 Golden Bell Awards in a Star-studded Ceremony

What is that you said? I can’t hear you over the ear splitting screaming still coming out of my mouth for the last 24 hours, give or take a few. I thought I had long since stopped caring whether deserving … Continue reading

Taiwan Stars Assemble for Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012

Another year, another edition of Vogue Magazine’s Fashion Night Out, a celebrity call to shopping if you will. I posted about 2011’s FNO in Taiwan, and 2012’s affair is even more glittering and star-studded. The celebrity pictorial follows the same … Continue reading