An Empress’s Dignity and Sky Castle are the December 2018 Surprise Hits Over High Profile Memories of Alhambra and Encounter

Right now there are four dramas doing well in their respective ratings but two are surprise underdogs that are garnering ratings far above expected and the other two are high profile big budget expected successes that are just meeting expectations. As a whole this is a great month for K-dramas in a while and it’s thanks to the runaway success of jTBC Sky Castle, the makjang deliciousness of An Empress’s Dignity bringing viewers back to prime time, the quiet sweetness of Encounter (Boyfriend), and the fantasy AR freshness of Memories of Alhambra. Encounter is doing 8-9% ratings and Memories 7-8% which is great for cable, but Sky Castle just hit 11.298% on its latest episode 10 with zero big name stars or advanced publicity. And on the big three channels, Empress nearly hit 18% with 17.9% on it’s latest episode and is officially the highest prime time K-drama of 2018 surpassing Return. Continue reading

SBS Soapy Melo An Empress’s Dignity Reaches 14.6% Rating in Episode 20 Near Halfway Point

My Wed-Thurs are currently preoccupied with tvN quiet slow burn romance Encounter (Boyfriend) but even if it wasn’t I don’t think I would still want to watch An Empress’s Dignity. None of the four leads Jang Nara, Shin Sung Rok, … Continue reading

Tae Hang Ho Transforms into Choi Jin Hyuk in Hilariously Outlandish K-drama Character Switch in An Empress’s Dignity

I thought the days of super outlandish melo was over but here we are at the end of 2018 with An Empress’s Dignity (The Last Empress). It’s apparently so over-the-top with cartoonish villains and candy heroines and also the most … Continue reading