C-netizens Marvel at Angelababy’s Latest Face Stiff Acting 10 years into Her Career

I love how C-netizens remain totally candid when it comes to assessing the acting ability of the wide swatch of actors and actresses in the industry. They are brutal and I love it because the ability to act isn’t a personal attack, it’s subjective certainly but it’s like Justice Potter in the definition of what is obscene: “I’ll know it when I see it.” We all know when we are watching good acting and terrible acting and with the case of C-actress Angelababy I have genuinely never seen this girl act well. Like, ever. I like her from her hustling personality and her variety show appearances such as Chinese Running Man. But as an actress she’s hilariously bad and recently she’s in a drama where viewers screencapped a scene where she is supposed to be crying and sad and can’t tell the difference between that and her being happy and smiling. Plus her usual overacting in other instances, she’s just a treasure trove of entertainment in ways not as intended.

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2020 Weibo Awards a Wash of Pink and Blacks as C-actresses Continue Their Fashion Domination

The 2020 Weibo Awards, celebrating the 2019 year so perhaps the 2019 Weibo Awards would be more apt but it’s held this weekend in January 2020 so imma stick with this year, brought together China’s most popular stars and the … Continue reading

C-netizens More Convinced than Ever Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy are Divorced After Zero Interactions in Same Show and Separate Hotel Rooms

The year long unceasing rumor that C-stars Huang Xiaoming (he of the leading man looks and crazy eyes acting) and Angelababy (she of the plastic surgery, porn star name, and major hard working drive) have hit a new peak last … Continue reading

C-stars Out En Masse in Beijing at 17th Annual China Film Huabiao Awards

The temperature majorly dipped in Beijing and despite the real and also politically frigid temperatures roaring through C-ent it appeared nearly all the stars were out to attend the 17th annual China Film Huaobiao Awards. The ladies walked the red … Continue reading

China Tax Authority Summons 17 Top Stars to Meeting with mid-December Deadline to Repay Owed Taxes

The list is out and there are 17 names on it. The good news is that if a star’s name is on it that means said star is an A-lister and one of the top earners in C-ent. The bad … Continue reading