First Look at Jo In Sung as the Rugged General Protecting Gorguyeo in K-movie Ansi Fortress

Oooooh, me likey scruffy period attire Jo In Sung! The actor hasn’t been in the spotlight much this past year and turns out he’s been filming the period K-movie Ansi Fortress which has wrapped and is in post-production for a second half 2018 premiere in theaters. He plays General Yang Man Chun, a famed Gorguyeo commander of the titular Ansi Fortress located on the border with the Tang dynasty. He is credited for protecting the fall of the Gorguyeo dynasty from the invading forces of the Tang by holding down Ansi Fortress. The movie is a battle heavy action film with Jo In Sung donning the battle armor of the famed general, and turns out Nam Joo Hyuk has a supporting role and I didn’t know until I saw his pictures behind Jo In Sung above. This will be Jo In Sung’s second period movie after he went all clean cut pretty boy in A Frozen Flower, and honestly I love this weathered smexy look way better. Continue reading