Answer Me 1988’s Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed to be Dating in Real Life

The reel to real romances in K-ent typically are about fan shipping dreams from a K-drama fictional romance coming true in real life. That means it’s usually leads who play the OTP in the drama hence the fans who loved their onscreen romantic story line extend that to real life hopes of love. But real life is not a K-drama and there have been plenty of first lead falling for the second lead in real life with both happy ending and sad breakups to note. We’ve got a new one to add to that group as hit K-drama Answer Me 1988 has produced a real life couple in Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol!

Leave it to Dispatch to out the young couple who played childhood friends onscreen in AM1988 but her early crush on him was never requited until it was too late and she moved onto the other male lead played by Park Bo Gum. There was a fan shipping war in AM1988 as with all the other previous AMs but this is the first drama to produce a real life couple (as we’re aware of), and it being the female lead with the guy she didn’t end up with may help soothe some ruffled feathers from that particular ship. Good luck to Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol in navigating a romance in notoriously judgmental K-culture, they were adorable onscreen and I’m glad they are now able to date openly. Continue reading

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First Poster and Stills of Answer Me 1988 Perfectly Capture the Sartorial Style and Nostalgia of that Decade

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The casting has been finalized for Answer Me 1988, the third installment of the popular tvN Answer Me series, and it basically boils down to one rotten apple potentially stinking up what would otherwise be a perfectly fine dish. The production … Continue reading