K-ent Wonders if Park Bo Gum Can Break the Answer Me Franchise Curse with Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

There might not be a real curse on the tvN Answer Me drama franchise, but it’s legit real that the followup disappointment level is high with this one. The K-media covering the press conference of Park Bo Gum‘s upcoming sageuk drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds asked if he could possibly be the first AM alum to break the curse that has befallen all AM leads so far with vastly underwhelming followup dramas right after their AM turns. Obviously he can’t answer that until the drama airs next week and audiences react with a yay or nay, but he is facing a tidal wave of post-AM fails that’s swallowed up his own Answer Me 1988 costars as well as the leads of Answer Me 1997 and Answer Me 1994. This year alone has seen AM leads Hyeri fail with Entertainer and Ryu Jun Yeol vastly disappoint with Lucky Romance. I sure hope Park Bo Gum picked wisely and emerges the one to buck the trend. Continue reading

You From Another Star and Answer Me 1994 Lead the TV Section Nods for the 50th Annual Baeksang Awards

The nominations are out for the 50th annual Baeksang Arts Award which will be held a month from now on Mary 27th. There is a separate section for movies and television and this post will only discuss the television section. I … Continue reading

Poll Time: Looking Forward to the Fall 2013 K-dramas

It’s pretty easy to figure out which K-dramas I’m interested in or excited about but there are lots more K-drama fishes in the pond then the ones I care to cover. For companies worldwide the fourth and final quarter of … Continue reading