C-netizens in Love with Ariel Lin Lookalike Adorable Child Star Arale

There‚Äôs a new cutie in C-ent town and she looks so much like another famous cutie it’s doubling her charm. Chinese viewers have been going gaga over the child star Arale (nickname based on the character of Arale Norimaki in manga Dr. Slump) in the current season 4 of variety show Dad, Where Are We Going. Little Arale’s real name is Cui Ya Han and she’s all of four years old, paired up in this show with her pretend daddy Chinese fencing champion Dong Li for the new season of the show that revamps the line up from real celebrity dads and their progeny to child stars paired up with famous young dudes to get an early taste of fatherhood. Little Arale is the breakout star because of her off the chart adorable looks and precocious personality, not to mention she’s called Little Ariel Lin for her resemblance to the award-winning Taiwanese actress. Lol, it’s basically if Ariel had her own baby and just passed long her genes. Little Arale even met Ariel recently after a show taping and wowed even her famous doppleganger. Check out the cuteness below. Continue reading