Lee Jun Ki Pairs Up with Shin Mina for the Summer Fantasy Sageuk Drama Arang

A couple of weeks ago I had dinner with some girlfriends (wub you, LizzyD and Xiaoxin!) and discussed my Jun Ki’s first post-army project. We went through the available leading ladies and settled on Moon Geun Young or Yoon Eun Hye as great possibilities and prayed for that to happen. Fast forward a few weeks, and not only am I swamped with acclimating to a new job and translated a freaking CHINESE NOVEL (yes, it really is insanely time-consuming), I’m fretting over Lee Jun Ki‘s choice of projects. Luckily, the man must have some great selections and unknown mojo, because the drama and leading lady he picked have both taken me for a loop. Jun Ki is returning to the drama this Summer via a fantasy sageuk called Arang co-starring Shin Mina. I’m surprised, but completely pleased with the choice. Continue reading