Jang Dong Gun May Join Song Joong Ki in High Profile Sageuk Asadal

The casting for upcoming big budget sageuk Asadal is pulling out the stops and adding one more leading man to already confirmed Song Joong Ki. K-actor Jang Dong Gun is currently starring in the KBS adaptation of Suits and may be suiting up in period gear right after as he’s been offered the other leading man role in Asadal based on the early formation days in chronicled Korean history. The title of Asadal is the name of mythical capital city of kingdom of Gojoseon which predates even Goguryeo which is the era of as famously depicted in dramas The Legend and Jumong. I’ll be happy with Jang Dong Gun joining though he needs to not have a mane of glory as The Warrior’s Way was no bueno in visuals for me, but he’s also doing another sageuk this year with the zombie Joseon film Rampant (Outbreak) alongside Hyun Bin so maybe he’s in the sageuk mood. Continue reading