Kim Ha Neul Pregnant with First Child with Husband of Nearly Two Years

I thought the K-actresses baby juggernaut train of 2017 was over as the babies have started to arrive and there are plenty of known buns in the over nearly delivery. Looks like we have a late passenger on the train but there’s still plenty of room for Kim Ha Neul to announce that she’s expecting her first child with her non-entertainer husband of a year and a half. Kim Ha Neul is 39 years old so definitely on the later side of starting a family but it’s never wrong to wait for the right guy to come along and with it the family planning. Congrats to the always elegant and ladylike Kim Ha Neul, she’ll probably look insanely lithe and stylish carrying her baby. Wishing her a healthy pregnancy and looking forward to the baby’s arrival in 2018. Continue reading