Zhao Li Ying Gives Birth to Baby Son with Husband Feng Shao Feng

The baby showed up a few days early but I’m sure the parents are thrilled to make his acquaintance. C-actress Zhao Li Ying gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on February 26th, with her original due date in early March so not all that early. The actress is reportedly staying in a luxurious single room hospital suite for delivery before moving to an even more swank maternity center for her month long confinement as arranged by her doting husband Feng Shao Feng. I still remember not 6 months ago when rumors came out about her being pregnant and she vehemently denied it and threatened to sue the tabloids. Then three months later the couple married and now welcome a new addition to the family. Wishing them happiness with their baby son and hopefully no more need to so awkwardly hide stuff from the public in the future. Continue reading

C-actress Zhao Li Ying and C-actor Feng Shao Feng Confirm Marriage on Her 31st Birthday

Aaaaaaand, it’s official ladies and gents! On C-actress Zhao Li Ying‘s 31st birthday this October 16th, 2018, she dropped the confirmation tabloids and netizens have been waiting for since rumors began percolating three months ago. We have a new powerhouse … Continue reading