C-actress Liu Shi Shi Shares First Picture of Newborn Son with Husband Nicky Wu

Now this is a cute way to reveal a baby, even if it’s also a tad coy. C-actress Liu Shi Shi shared the first picture of her newborn baby boy this week on her SNS and it was to cheer on the high school students about to take the vaunted college entrance exam. The picture she posted had his wee little face masked by giant glasses but the baby has a lot of hair already and is adorably sucking on a pacifier. I hope to see a full picture soon just to see if he looks like mommy Shi Shi or daddy Nicky Wu. This couple remains so sweet, even when they are pictured out doing normal people things they are always holding hands or he’s helping her with something, and they constantly lean in as a sign of physical closeness that can’t be faked for show. Continue reading