DJ Koo Shares First Pictures of Wedding and Rekindled Romance with Barbie Hsu on K-variety Program Yoo Quiz on the Block

The “even K-dramas can’t make this up” real life rekindled romance and whirlwind wedding of South Korean rapper and star DJ Koo with Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu (Da S) has an update this week as the happy hubby dished on how it all went down with Yoo Jae Suk on his program Yoo Quiz on the Block. It was as initially explained – he heard about her divorce to Wang Xiaofei and got up the courage to dial her cellphone number and it was the same as 20 years ago and the rest is history. Both sides have explained they broke up back then due to external influences and both were heartbroken, Barbie even couldn’t control herself and cried on live broadcast after the breakup. DJ Koo said his biggest regret was not having the strength to hold on to her and he’s always carried a torch for her and that’s why he never married. Their reconnection moved fast and they got married this past March after talking for a few months on the phone daily so he could travel to Taiwan and be with her due to COVID restrictions barring foreigners from entering. DK Joo shared wedding pictures and the couple look so relaxed, beaming, and very chic with their wedding attire. Congrats again to this wild 2nd chance romance and the happy ending.

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