Nam Ji Hyun in Talks to Join Ji Chang Wook in Suspicious Romance Formerly Called Beware of this Woman

Here’s hoping third time’s the charm in the leading lady casting for upcoming SBS drama Suspicious Romance, formerly called Beware of this Woman or Be Careful of this Woman. Aside from the drama title change, the casting of the female lead is now onto the third iteration and I like this one a lot – Nam Ji Hyun has been offered the role and is nearly close to confirming. The role was first out to Lee Sung Kyung, then to Han Ji Min, and now Nam Ji Hyun, making me thoroughly confused as to the role because these are three wholly different actresses in aura, acting ability, and age differential. Through this all the leading man has stayed confirmed in Ji Chang Wook, so this drama casting saga reminds me so much of the SBS casting carousel for The Girl Who Sees Smells in going through Suzy, Kim Ji Won, before landing perfectly with Shin Se Kyung. Continue reading