Birth of a Beauty Reveals Post-Makeover Posters and Third Funny Teaser

So far I like what I see from the new SBS weekend drama Birth of a Beauty, but the very premise of this drama has me going in with a giant dose of wary. The official posters are out along with a third most substantive preview showing how Joo Sang Wook‘s heartbroken mad-man chaebol transforms conventionally unattractive ahjumma played by comedic gag woman Ha Jae Seok into the slyph-like modern beauty that is Han Ye Seul.

I really really wish the drama put Han Ye Seul in a fat costume, as visually silly as it usually looks, I hate even more having another actress in the “ugly pre” section before morphing into the “pretty after” phase, implying that a woman with Ha Jae Seok’s physical features is never ever going to get a good looking man to like her unless she looks like Han Ye Seul. I know this is dramatic license and this drama plays it so broadly, which helps it go down, but the very implication is one I dislike immensely. On the upside everything looks funny…once one stops over-thinking it. Continue reading