Black Knight Notches Solid Win as I am Not a Robot Malfunctions in Ratings

The K-viewers have spoken the melo remains King of the K-drama ratings, at least for the foreseeable next 8 weeks in the Wed-Thurs time slot. Despite being neck and neck with yesterday’s airing, this Thursday saw KBS fantasy melodrama Black Knight solidly come in first place with 9.3% AGB ratings, followed by Judge vs. Judge (Nothing to Lose) with 7.1% and 8.2%, with poor MBC rom-com I am Not a Robot shutting down with viewers dropping to 3.0% and 3.1%. I adored the first day episodes of Robot and so did the early reviews coming in so this isn’t quite like Manhole with poor feedback from the start, but Robot does have a wildly far-fetched premise and a lack of urgency or stakes. I never feel anything bad will happen so it’s just enjoying the handsomeness of Yoo Seung Ho and the surprisingly charming Chae Soo Bin. It’s a frothy watch for sure and I’m looking forward to catching up on both episodes of Black Knight this weekend to see what the excitement is about and get swept up in the fantasy and intensity. Continue reading

Shin Se Kyung Plays Two Roles and Seo Ji Hye is the 200 Year Old Antagonist with Kim Rae Won the Titular Black Knight

Filming is ready to start for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs early winter drama Black Knight, which sounds all sorts of odd and interesting. The interesting part is the story and the odd part the casting, I would have switched up the … Continue reading