Song Joong Ki’s Upcoming Movie Bogota May Never Finish Filming After COVID-19 Cut Short Colombian Location Shoot

K-ent is reporting that upcoming gritty K-movie Bogota starring Song Joong Ki may not see the light of day. The cast and crew were in Bogota, Colombia on an extensive location shoot, makes sense for a movie title based on a specific location, when they had to cut short filming and quickly go back to South Korea in February doing the onslaught of COVID-19 concerns. The production is reportedly still keeping an eye on the situation in Colombia and claims to want to finish shooting, but the media is reporting insiders are saying this movie will likely be scuttled as the costs are going to increase dramatically to finish filming now with the heightened concerns on safety. This will likely not be the only production affected in the aftermath of COVID-19 but it sucks to have done so much work and not see a finished product.

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