More Trailers for Boku to Star no 99 Nichi Premiering this Coming Sunday

Boku to Star no 99 Nichi is going to have a tough uphill climb if we take the ratings for episode 1 of Nankyoku Tairiku as any indication. KimuTaku’s dogs and Antarctica period feel-good drama premiered with a 22.1% Kanto ratings, which is kickass but for the fact that all KimuTakus doramas have debuted higher. It’s hard to top oneself when oneself set the bar too high.

Kim Tae Hee and Nishijima Hidetoshi’s Boku to Star premieres this Sunday, and I honestly have no idea if the Japanese audience is even interested in it. Have a look at two more trailers below, which shows more of the supporting cast (including a glimpse of Taecyeon), and has Kim Tae Hee doing sad emoting in Japanese. I took at peek at NT, which looks great, but plan to bank it for when I’m in a warm and fuzzy mood. Continue reading