Riveting Color Painting Style Characters Posters for Fantasy Period C-drama The King of Blaze with Bolin Chen and Jing Tian

Concept posters don’t need to make or break the project to come but for a veteran entertainment consumer like me it definitely adds a level of appreciation if I see something creative or executed well. I’m loving the teaser character posters for upcoming fantasy C-drama The King of Blaze, adapted from the manhua by Taiwanese artist You Su Lan from the early 1990’s. Starring TW-actor Bolin Chen with C-actress Jing Tian, the story centers around ancient gods and goddesses of various elements, think fire, water, air, etc., and their loves and conflicts. It’s hard to describe more without delving into the story line details since as a manhua this was a slow burn story, especially so with The King of Blaze being the spin-off sequel from You Su Lan’s first manhua Melancholic Princess. All I can say is that if done right this could be the next Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms, and so far I’m loving the visual art design of the posters and the early sneak peeks of the two leads filming. Continue reading