China Remakes Queen In Hyun’s Man Including Doing a Live Shoot System

The cross-border remake wave continues and it really does flow equally in all directions. Korea remakes Taiwan and Japanese dramas while China is lining up K-drama remakes like there’s no tomorrow. Up next is a remake with a twist that’s unique to the way C-dramas are filmed. China is remaking the hit cable drama Queen In Hyun’s Man to air next spring with an unprecedented live filming system just like the way the original drama was presented.

LOL, I’m sorry but that just makes no sense – both remaking a K-drama nearly three years later when the buzz is over and doing it in a live shoot method which is in stark conflict with the way C-dramas require permission from the government before filming and airing.┬áThe good news is that the C-remake will have members of the K-drama production staff involvement and the casting is high on the eye candy popular C-actor buzz meter – Zheng Shuang will be the female lead opposite Boran Jing and Chen Xiang. Continue reading