Chen Qiao En Headlines Military Academy Period C-drama Destined to Love You

Not often does an upcoming drama stroll along that I actually want to watch because it looks terrible. The glossy C-drama Destined to Love You totally fits that bill because I’m curious if the actual drama will turn out to be as unintentionally hilarious as the previews suggests. Starring Chen Qiao En, Jia Nai Liang, Bosco Wong, and Zheng Shuang, the drama got unfortunately early press when there was sniping behind the scenes when script producer Tong Hua accused slimy Yu Zheng of stealing her idea for an early Republic era military school drama. The drama just premiered this week but I haven’t check it out yet since I’ve been on vacation until now. Those interested can take a gander and share some first impressions.

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Tong Hua Supervises the Script for New Military Academy C-drama Starring Chen Qiao En

After the smackdown C-writer Tong Hua delivered to sleazy idea-stealing C-producer Yu Zheng last summer over the concept of an early Republic era military academy drama, both sides simmered down and I didn’t hear anything else about it. That’s why … Continue reading